Sire Sale Statistics Class of 2019

Sale prices from major sales, crop by crop, with sortable columns.
Listed are active sires featured in the current Sires book


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19Dynasty's Pride 1 f (22 Aug) Dynasty's Pride Dynasty 15k Crs (SI 0.18) Matchett Racing
19Fair Share 1 f (22 Aug) Fair Share Eyeofthetiger Not Sold

Canford Cliffs

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Jack Ryan 1 c (30 Aug) Lady Burn Fastnet Rock 90k Crs (SI 1.08) Bass Racing
19Pied Piperess 1 c (14 Sep) Pied Piperess Argonaut 70k Crs (SI 0.84) Paul Peter Racing
19Sharp Mistress 1 c (2 Sep) Sharp Mistress Tamburlaine
Amber Coast 1 c (27 Sep) Baltia Var
Chief Mate 1 c (17 Sep) Captains Companion Captain Al
Cliff Top 1 c (7 Aug) Baqueira Western Winter
Cowboy Jack 1 c (17 Sep) Club Captain Captain Al
Harcourt 1 c (30 Aug) Hazleton Mastercraftsman
Heathcliff 1 c (23 Aug) Whose That Girl Gitano Hernando
Ridgerunner 1 c (12 Sep) Easy Street Brave Tin Soldier
Rubertas 1 c (2 Sep) Rainbow Flag Model Man
Shamrock Bay 1 c (30 Aug) Facinating Filly Antonius Pius
Teatro 1 c (9 Nov) Casadesus High Chaparral
Whatyouwaitingfor 1 f (24 Sep) Let It Be Mark of Esteem 90k Crs (SI 1.08) Ridgemont Highlands
19highly Regal 1 f (21 Aug) Highly Regal Ideal World 60k Crs (SI 0.72) Paul Peter Racing
Southern Style 1 f (14 Oct) Black Velvet Var 60k Crs (SI 0.72) Ridgemont Highlands
Body Electric 1 f (10 Aug) Leaves Of Grass Poet's Voice
Diamond Rockstar 1 f (7 Aug) Arizona Rock Seventh Rock
Little Flirt 1 f (5 Oct) In Like Flynn National Assembly
Mary Anning 1 f (29 Jul) Balclutha Captain Al
Tabby Kat 1 f (4 Sep) Kindly Kat Machiavellian

Captain Of All

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19masai Princess 1 c (12 Oct) Masai Princess Dynasty 100k Crs (SI 1.2) Paul Peter Racing
19pearly Princess 1 c (6 Sep) Pearly Princess Fort Wood 70k Crs (SI 0.84) Allan Bloodlines
19All For U 1 c (30 Sep) All For U Jet Master
19Count To Ten 1 c (20 Sep) Count To Ten Count Dubois
19Jambalaya 1 c (29 Oct) Jambalaya Holy Roman Emperor
19rendezvous 1 c (5 Sep) Rendezvous Philanthropist Not Sold
19Consequentially 1 f (4 Sep) Consequentially Silvano 160k Crs (SI 1.91) Sandy Arundel
19twinkle Star 1 f (18 Sep) Twinkle Star Counter Action 50k Crs (SI 0.6) Corne Spies Racing
19knock 'em Out 1 f (9 Nov) Knock 'Em Out Var Not Sold
19powertrip 1 f (28 Oct) Powertrip Trippi Not Sold
19strawberyshortcake 1 f (2 Sep) Strawberyshortcake Dynasty
Enid's Girl 1 f (11 Aug) Sadler's Lass Fort Wood Withdrawn

Count Dubois

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19dove Of Peace 1 f (13 Oct) Dove of Peace Lake Coniston Withdrawn

Coup de Grace

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19Emirates Lady 1 c (23 Aug) Emirates Lady Unbridled's Song 35k Crs (SI 0.42) Garth Puller Racing
19darkness Bright 1 c (18 Oct) Darkness Bright West Man Withdrawn
19vanda 1 f (18 Aug) Vanda Toreador 20k Crs (SI 0.24) Sharon Kotzen Racing
19Red Eminence 1 f (20 Oct) Red Eminence Grey Eminence Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19Dancewiththestars 1 f (24 Oct) Dancewiththestars Victory Moon Not Sold

Duke Of Marmalade

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Orange Red 1 c (23 Aug) Red Ridge Silvano 70k Crs (SI 0.84) Gavin Smith
19La Poppet 1 c (20 Oct) La Poppet Crimson Waves 50k Crs (SI 0.6) Bluegrass Trading
Merlot Max 1 c (20 Oct) Mfiftythree Ford Royal Applause 35k Crs (SI 0.42) P Somasundram
19Miss December 1 c (20 Oct) Miss December Var 20k Crs (SI 0.24) Matchett Racing
19la Dolce Vita 1 c (4 Oct) La Dolce Vita National Assembly 15k Crs (SI 0.18) Garth Puller Racing
Duke Of Africa 1 c (23 Sep) Shatoosh Trippi
Duke Of Rock 1 c (19 Aug) Rock On Baby Seventh Rock
Giancarlo 1 c (26 Aug) Galadriel Horse Chestnut
19Tequila Blush 1 f (25 Sep) Tequila Blush Fort Wood
Jam Jam 1 f (26 Sep) Alula Western Winter Not Sold
Open Secret 1 f (11 Nov) White Mischief Jet Master


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
King Regent 1 c (14 Sep) Cup Of Rubies Mogok
Sjambok 1 c (13 Oct) Starzene Cozzene

Elusive Fort

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19Soprano Singer 1 c (6 Oct) Soprano Singer National Assembly 240k Crs (SI 2.87) S Viljoen
19Silvan Star 1 c (7 Sep) Silvan Star Silvano 110k Crs (SI 1.32) Dr Sw Steyn
19Konfessional 1 c (26 Oct) Konfessional Kahal 100k Crs (SI 1.2) Clinton Binda
19Julila 1 f (31 Oct) Julila Silvano 20k Crs (SI 0.24) Sharon Kotzen Racing
19Golden Dawn 1 f (7 Sep) Golden Dawn Goldmark
19Knysna Lagoon 1 f (26 Sep) Knysna Lagoon Kabool


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Exhale 1 c (15 Oct) Withbatedbreath Fort Wood 110k Crs (SI 1.32) Vermaak Equine
19Nordic Light 1 c (27 Sep) Nordic Light Warm White Night Not Sold
Cosmic Star 1 c (16 Sep) Cosmic Light Querari
Run For Cover 1 c (16 Oct) A Daughters Legacy Windrush
Flowerbomb 1 f (14 Sep) Daffodil Fastnet Rock 50k Crs (SI 0.6) Corne Spies Racing
Colorpoint 1 f (19 Oct) Cat's Paw Black Minnaloushe
Happy Vibes 1 f (7 Oct) Happy Ever After National Assembly
Kiss Of Fire 1 f (24 Sep) Scent From Above Diesis
Likeable 1 f (21 Aug) La Calisto Silvano
Morethanafeeling 1 f (13 Sep) Song Of Happiness Giant's Causeway
Platinum Run 1 f (18 Oct) Woodridge Fort Wood

Flower Alley

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Otto Luyken 1 c (14 Sep) Laurel Cherry Ideal World 180k Crs (SI 2.15) Willem Ackerman
Mescal 1 c (2 Sep) Vinha Danehill Dancer 100k Crs (SI 1.2) Paul Peter Racing
With Love 1 c (18 Oct) To You Elusive Quality 80k Crs (SI 0.96) International Racing Club
Jack In The Pulpit 1 c (21 Aug) Eternal Spring Dynasty 55k Crs (SI 0.66) Bass Racing
Elijah Blue 1 c (30 Sep) Malata Beach Count Dubois 40k Crs (SI 0.48) Brett Crawford
Broadway Alley 1 c (14 Oct) Regardstobroadway Var
Spring Squill 1 f (10 Aug) Celtic Cross Fort Wood 90k Crs (SI 1.08) Garth Puller Racing
19Make Me Happy 1 f (17 Aug) Make Me Happy Philanthropist 40k Crs (SI 0.48) P Botha
Eclair 1 f (14 Oct) Nesspresso Western Winter 40k Crs (SI 0.48) Sharon Kotzen Racing
No Greater Love 1 f (12 Aug) Oh My Darling Western Winter 40k Crs (SI 0.48) Pine Lodge Stud
19Dawn Flight 1 f (1 Sep) Dawn Flight Elusive Fort


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Future Turn 1 c (9 Sep) Pin Turn Pivotal
Lead Drummer 1 c (10 Sep) Joshua's Mistress Joshua Dancer
Princess Ozma 1 f (7 Sep) Blushing Fairy Jallad 220k Crs (SI 2.63) Sandy Arundel
19tripple Dart 1 f (2 Oct) Tripple Dart Trippi 50k Crs (SI 0.6) Corne Spies Racing
Daenerys Targaryen 1 f (31 Aug) Bursary Lundy's Liability 15k Crs (SI 0.18) T Andrews
Typeset 1 f (20 Sep) Muamba Pure Prize


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19Winning Eyes 1 c (1 Nov) Winning Eyes Qui Danzig 260k Crs (SI 3.11) Brett Crawford
19Ashram 1 c (28 Sep) Ashram Tiger Ridge 200k Crs (SI 2.39) Vermaak Equine
I Did It My Way 1 c (7 Aug) Easy In Love Cape Blanco 180k Crs (SI 2.15) Form Bloodstock
Captainofthegreen 1 c (28 Aug) Madame Rooney Windrush
Gimme The Best 1 c (17 Sep) Six Of The Best Jet Master
Grecian Green 1 c (9 Oct) Grecian Dancer Antonius Pius
Green In Spring 1 c (23 Aug) Spring Orchid Badger's Drift
Green Sceptre 1 c (2 Aug) Fragrant Al Captain Al
Greenbackcurrency 1 c (15 Oct) Comebackanddance Jallad
Osceola 1 c (16 Aug) Dinesen Antonius Pius
19Joan Ranger 1 f (2 Aug) Joan Ranger Horse Chestnut
Abound Light 1 f (31 Aug) Abound West Western Winter
Bushveld 1 f (12 Sep) Russet Savannah Spectrum
Emerald Galaxy 1 f (23 Sep) Emerald Gal Galileo
Green Ginger 1 f (11 Aug) Ginger Hill Western Winter
Strawberry Light 1 f (19 Sep) Strawberry Ice Western Winter

Global View

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Dave The King 1 c (28 Sep) Touche Jet Master
Global Impact 1 c (18 Sep) Kumiko Silvano
River Patrol 1 c (1 Aug) Prying Dubawi
Rock Fall 1 c (11 Aug) Crystal Glitter Zamindar
Dream Spinner 1 f (12 Oct) Subyan Dreams Spectrum 35k Crs (SI 0.42) David Curran
More For Me 1 f (9 Sep) Moreamore Lemon Drop Kid

Gold Standard

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Let's Get Together 1 c (15 Aug) One Love Manduro 80k Crs (SI 0.96) P Somasundram
19wings Of Fortune 1 c (9 Sep) Wings Of Fortune Silvano 30k Crs (SI 0.36) Sharon Kotzen Racing
18borneo Bell 1 c (9 Aug) Borneo Bell Casey Tibbs
Colloidal Gold 1 c (9 Sep) Cavalleria Galileo
Star Of Gold 1 c (2 Aug) Looking At Stars Philanthropist
19dvina 1 f (8 Sep) Dvina Tara's Halls 50k Crs (SI 0.6) Almanza Racing (Pty) Ltd
19The Cat Returns 1 f (27 Oct) The Cat Returns Tale of the Cat 15k Crs (SI 0.18) Leon Lotz
19Beautiful Noise 1 f (10 Oct) Beautiful Noise Centenary
19Farzana 1 f (11 Sep) Farzana Nadeem Not Sold
19Ideal Lady 1 f (19 Sep) Ideal Lady Ideal World
Bright Star 1 f (30 Sep) Mars Star Giant's Causeway
Gold Beach 1 f (5 Sep) la Normandie American Chance

Ideal World

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Climate Control 1 c (27 Aug) Aircon Rich Man's Gold 220k Crs (SI 2.63) International Racing Club
Marshall Field 1 c (24 Aug) Babe Paley Fort Wood 220k Crs (SI 2.63) Geoff Woodruff Racing
Willing Groom 1 c (26 Sep) Shotgun Wedding Caesour 170k Crs (SI 2.03) Matchett Racing
Total Protection 1 c (20 Sep) Lizzie Arden Right Approach 160k Crs (SI 1.91) Fortune Racing
Diani 1 c (3 Sep) Mombasa Tiger Ridge 140k Crs (SI 1.68) International Racing Club
19White Rose 1 c (11 Sep) White Rose Dynasty 75k Crs (SI 0.9) Garth Puller Racing
Wonderland 1 c (6 Sep) Summer Solstice Captain Al
I've Got Wings 1 f (28 Aug) Captain's Dove Captain Al 70k Crs (SI 0.84) Antony Kapnias
Hey Siri 1 f (6 Oct) Alexa Caesour 45k Crs (SI 0.54) A C Rhodes
19Tahini 1 f (17 Oct) Tahini Silvano


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19Folies Trevise 1 c (16 Nov) Folies Trevise Jet Master 100k Crs (SI 1.2) Paul Peter Racing
19lindleys Lane 1 c (2 Oct) Lindleys Lane Pathfork 15k Crs (SI 0.18) Central Route Trading
Ride On 1 f (5 Sep) Royal Sensation Var 50k Crs (SI 0.6) Glen Kotzen

Jay Peg

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19fast 'n Famous 1 c (18 Sep) Fast 'n Famous Jet Master 40k Crs (SI 0.48) G D Kahan
19walking Onthe Moon 1 f (19 Sep) Walking Onthe Moon Giant's Causeway Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Jay Gatsby 1 c (15 Sep) Kissaway Gimmethegreenlight 100k Crs (SI 1.2) Sandy Arundel
On The Horizon 1 f (9 Aug) Summer Cruise Sail From Seattle 60k Crs (SI 0.72) T&L Racing
Summer Night City 1 f (19 Sep) Frida Kabool 55k Crs (SI 0.66) John Gatt
Kommetjie 1 f (6 Sep) Goldie Coast Choisir Not Sold

Louis The King

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19wave Runner 1 c (20 Oct) Wave Runner Silvano 20k Crs (SI 0.24) Geoff Woodruff Racing
19magic Trick 1 c (21 Sep) Magic Trick Trippi Not Sold
Ginger Royale 1 c (21 Aug) Spice Girl Var Not Sold
London Paladium 1 f (23 Aug) Variety Spirit Var 80k Crs (SI 0.96) T J Shawe
Lucy The Pink 1 f (20 Aug) Picardi Pink Western Winter 50k Crs (SI 0.6) Greg Ennion
Princess Maha 1 f (28 Oct) Scholarship Fanatic Dane Withdrawn

Master Of My Fate

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Release Me 1 c (16 Oct) Topless Exceed And Excel 90k Crs (SI 1.08) Bluegrass Trading
Popping Crease 1 c (31 Aug) Quick Single Jallad 80k Crs (SI 0.96) Glen Kotzen
Question Master 1 c (22 Aug) Crackpot Judpot 80k Crs (SI 0.96) P Somasundram
19Carlas Wisdom 1 c (10 Nov) Carlas Wisdom Jallad 65k Crs (SI 0.78) M Dhanniram
19Chasing Angels 1 c (16 Nov) Chasing Angels Western Winter 40k Crs (SI 0.48) P Kruyer
19Prive 1 c (26 Sep) Prive Saumarez
19zephira 1 c (1 Nov) Zephira Western Winter Not Sold
Miss Marguerite 1 f (22 Oct) Lantana Lady Captain Al 90k Crs (SI 1.08) Elp Steyn
Echo Of Life 1 f (6 Oct) Elysian Gem Windrush 70k Crs (SI 0.84) Bass Racing
19Supreme Dynasty 1 f (11 Sep) Supreme Dynasty Dynasty 60k Crs (SI 0.72) Crawford Rix Racing
Defining Moment 1 f (24 Oct) Unique Moment Count Dubois
Jazzbella 1 f (17 Aug) La Belle Helene Western Winter
Miss Lily 1 f (22 Aug) Ginger Lily Doowaley
Miss Soho 1 f (2 Nov) Rainbow Belle Spectrum Not Sold

Noble Tune

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19Brave And Bold 1 f (13 Oct) Brave And Bold Brave Tin Soldier Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Music Is Life 1 c (27 Aug) A Woman's Will Var 200k Crs (SI 2.39) Glen Kotzen
Stanley Park 1 c (28 Sep) Vancouver Gold Var 70k Crs (SI 0.84) Garth Puller Racing
Insightful 1 c (22 Sep) Loupe Fort Wood Withdrawn
Wolfram 1 c (5 Oct) Royal Habit Dominion Royale
19Fortissimus 1 f (27 Sep) Fortissimus Mogok 80k Crs (SI 0.96) Paul Peter Racing
19supreme Lecture 1 f (22 Oct) Supreme Lecture Lecture 50k Crs (SI 0.6) Fortune Racing
Camerata 1 f (21 Sep) Jeter Jet Master 50k Crs (SI 0.6) Fortune Racing
Tree Fairy 1 f (12 Nov) Ginger Tree Fort Wood


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19sydney Opera 1 c (12 Sep) Sydney Opera Bernardini 55k Crs (SI 0.66) Greg Ennion
19xilomante 1 c (25 Oct) Xilomante Special Nash 50k Crs (SI 0.6) P Somasundram
19All In The Mind 1 f (15 Sep) All In The Mind Var Not Sold
Confident Lady 1 f (22 Oct) Captain'ntenille Royal Academy Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Oshakati 1 c (12 Aug) Namibia Var 110k Crs (SI 1.32) Garth Puller Racing
19Iris And Ruby 1 c (19 Aug) Iris And Ruby Counter Action Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19hold Fast 1 c (27 Aug) Hold Fast Jallad 120k Crs (SI 1.44) Vermaak Equine
19Yekaterina 1 c (28 Aug) Yekaterina Gimmethegreenlight 70k Crs (SI 0.84) Pound Bloodstock
19Diva 1 c (28 Sep) Diva Trigger Finger
19In Other Words 1 c (9 Oct) In Other Words Trippi
19Intergalactic 1 c (12 Sep) Intergalactic Kahal
19Lady Of Kildare 1 c (7 Sep) Lady Of Kildare Captain Al
19Myfunnyvalentine 1 c (18 Sep) Myfunnyvalentine Captain Al
19Pacific Lights 1 c (28 Sep) Pacific Lights Al Mufti
19Pepperdine 1 c (23 Nov) Pepperdine Trippi
Flight Pattern 1 c (2 Nov) Flight Zone Jet Master
River Romeo 1 c (2 Sep) Amur Affair Tiger Ridge Not Sold
Sassari 1 c (7 Sep) Scintilla Silvano
Scallywag 1 c (27 Sep) Silver Dream Tiger Hill
19Lady Of The Fleece 1 f (31 Aug) Lady Of The Fleece Argonaut 80k Crs (SI 0.96) Bass Racing
19brora 1 f (25 Oct) Brora Right Approach 20k Crs (SI 0.24) P Somasundram
18silver Candle 1 f (28 Aug) Silver Candle Al Mufti
19chestnut Magic 1 f (23 Sep) Chestnut Magic Horse Chestnut Not Sold
19Donna Viola 1 f (26 Sep) Donna Viola Al Mufti Not Sold
19Magicality 1 f (22 Aug) Magicality Captain Al
Apple Catcher 1 f (23 Aug) Captain's Catch Captain Al


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19Victorine 1 c (30 Sep) Victorine Centenary 65k Crs (SI 0.78) Normandy Stud
19Rose Water 1 f (15 Sep) Rose Water Silvano 20k Crs (SI 0.24) Normandy Stud


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Look Back 1 c (11 Oct) Miss Cuequita Numerous 80k Crs (SI 0.96) Central Route Trading
19Limerick 1 c (25 Oct) Limerick Fort Wood
19Linda My Love 1 c (17 Sep) Linda My Love Spectrum
Cornwall 1 c (26 Sep) Cutty Sark Fort Wood
Cosmic Event 1 c (27 Oct) Cosmic Dream Silvano
Quixote 1 c (1 Oct) Speed Merchant National Emblem
Tomorrow's Vision 1 c (29 Oct) Geolina Kabool
Fennec Fox 1 f (9 Sep) Miss Wales Trippi 75k Crs (SI 0.9) Paul Peter Racing
19Goldandsilver 1 f (31 Aug) Goldandsilver Silvano
19My Kazzie 1 f (13 Aug) My Kazzie Western Winter
19Pelaya 1 f (24 Oct) Pelaya Silvano
19Westwardly 1 f (21 Sep) Westwardly Silvano
Porque Te Vas 1 f (20 Sep) Pritti Trippi
Quanabi 1 f (24 Sep) Hanabi Var


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Rafino 1 c (13 Aug) Mochachino Silvano 100k Crs (SI 1.2) T&L Racing
Badge Of Honour 1 c (8 Sep) Honour Roll High Chaparral
Pas De Nom 1 c (31 Aug) Francia Dynasty
Ready Or Not 1 c (12 Sep) Right And Ready Whipper
Sound Effect 1 c (6 Sep) Peggy Jay Jay Peg
Go-Getter 1 f (13 Nov) Gain Ground Fort Wood 240k Crs (SI 2.87) Hollywood Syndicate
Baubles And Beads 1 f (14 Oct) Fortuny Tiger Ridge 170k Crs (SI 2.03) Dennis Drier
Turkish Kelim 1 f (4 Aug) Persian Rug Ideal World 110k Crs (SI 1.32) S Viljoen
18beautiful Body 1 f (12 Sep) Beautiful Body Big Brown
Crimson Wings 1 f (9 Nov) Crimson Blossom Danehill Dancer
Eurydice 1 f (21 Sep) Tale of Love Daylami
Glittering Girl 1 f (31 Aug) Modern Muse Encosta de Lago Withdrawn
Spywing 1 f (28 Oct) Secret Society Count Dubois

Royal Mo

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18banking April 1 c (23 Aug) Banking April Bankable
18gladly 1 c (15 Sep) Gladly Fastnet Rock
19Abelia 1 c (26 Sep) Abelia Smart Missile
19Alileo 1 c (3 Sep) Alileo Captain Al
19Midship 1 c (5 Aug) Midship Captain Al
American Made 1 c (4 Sep) Isabelle Western Winter Withdrawn
18park Ridge 1 f (7 Sep) Park Ridge Tiger Ridge
19Seeking Venus 1 f (14 Sep) Seeking Venus Trippi


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19Countesskournikova 1 c (17 Oct) Countesskournikova Count Dubois
Silver Mensa 1 f (11 Oct) Society Pages Medaglia d'Oro 120k Crs (SI 1.44) Vermaak Equine
Cattaleya 1 f (13 Sep) Catraz Captain Al
Dreamt I Could Fly 1 f (4 Oct) Dawn Chorus Giant's Causeway
Little Fashionista 1 f (13 Sep) Little Fastnet Fastnet Rock

Soft Falling Rain

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Creme Brulee 1 f (15 Aug) Sugar Pie Kildonan 100k Crs (SI 1.2) Andy Elton

The United States

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Home Of The Brave 1 c (8 Sep) Winter Star Solskjaer 350k Crs (SI 4.19) Willem Ackerman
East Coast 1 c (30 Aug) Wisdom Stone Dalakhani 180k Crs (SI 2.15) Form Bloodstock
Beneath The Moon 1 f (7 Sep) Night And Day Rich Man's Gold 70k Crs (SI 0.84) P Botha
19Banjo Buzz 1 f (23 Sep) Banjo Buzz Toreador 55k Crs (SI 0.66) Thomas Mason
Mulbery Street 1 f (21 Oct) Via Della National Assembly 55k Crs (SI 0.66) P Kruyer
Miss New York 1 f (9 Oct) Cat's Game Black Minnaloushe 30k Crs (SI 0.36) Andy Elton

Time Thief

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19Brigtnumberfour 1 c (30 Oct) Brigtnumberfour Kahal 45k Crs (SI 0.54) Adam Kethro Property Trust
19wafiqah 1 c (5 Oct) Wafiqah Toreador 25k Crs (SI 0.3) Adam Kethro Property Trust
19maureen De Lago 1 c (6 Sep) Maureen De Lago Encosta de Lago 15k Crs (SI 0.18) M Dhanniram
19ocean's Swell 1 c (15 Aug) Ocean's Swell Jay Peg 15k Crs (SI 0.18) Adam Kethro Property Trust
19peonie Rock 1 c (15 Sep) Peonie Rock Rock Of Rochelle 15k Crs (SI 0.18) Adam Kethro Property Trust
Arctic Time 1 c (10 Sep) Arctic Green Gimmethegreenlight
Iron Monger 1 c (17 Sep) Hill of Fire Danehill Dancer
Not In Doubt 1 c (21 Sep) No Doubt Philanthropist
Timeinthewoods 1 c (30 Sep) Fairyinthewoods Count Dubois
19evies Rock 1 f (20 Aug) Evies Rock Rock Of Rochelle 30k Crs (SI 0.36) Paul Peter Racing
19dontknowhy 1 f (7 Sep) Dontknowhy Rock Of Rochelle 15k Crs (SI 0.18) International Racing Club
19shakespear's Lady 1 f (10 Oct) Shakespear's Lady Dynasty 15k Crs (SI 0.18) Fortune Racing
19Turnpike 1 f (31 Jul) Turnpike Pathfork 15k Crs (SI 0.18) Normandy Stud
19valediction 1 f (6 Oct) Valediction Captain Al 15k Crs (SI 0.18) Fortune Racing
19bluebell Glade 1 f (29 Aug) Bluebell Glade Fort Wood Not Sold
19chill Baby Chill 1 f (18 Aug) Chill Baby Chill Starcraft Withdrawn
19sheena's Palace 1 f (12 Aug) Sheena's Palace Exceed And Excel Withdrawn
19silverthorne 1 f (14 Sep) Silverthorne Silvano Not Sold
Time Chaser 1 f (27 Aug) Comet Chaser Jet Master
Time For Love 1 f (18 Oct) Teresina Jet Master
Time For Orchids 1 f (18 Sep) Amber Orchid Dubawi
Time To The Moon 1 f (10 Aug) Uptothemoon Victory Moon


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Sensibletraveller 1 c (15 Oct) Sensible Lover Good Journey
19Jackodore 1 f (18 Aug) Jackodore Toreador 120k Crs (SI 1.44) Fortune Racing
19Larking Around 1 f (24 Sep) Larking Around Montjeu
Rose For Trippi 1 f (22 Aug) Citizen Rose Star Witness

Twice Over

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19instante 1 c (9 Sep) Instante Western Winter 50k Crs (SI 0.6) T J Shawe
18alascan Maiden 1 c (1 Nov) Alascan Maiden Captain Al
19Fly By Night 1 c (1 Oct) Fly By Night Jet Master
19Ixora 1 c (6 Sep) Ixora Dynaformer
19petara 1 c (16 Oct) Petara Silvano Not Sold
19Spirited 1 c (1 Nov) Spirited Fastnet Rock
19Trinity House 1 c (12 Sep) Trinity House Captain Al
DiplomaticImmunity 1 c (27 Oct) Winter Passion Var
See It Again 1 c (16 Aug) Supreme Vision Visionaire
Triple Time 1 c (24 Aug) Valeta Var
19Hurricane Katrina 1 f (6 Nov) Hurricane Katrina Windrush 110k Crs (SI 1.32) M Moroney
19isla Bonita 1 f (15 Nov) Isla Bonita Joshua Dancer 100k Crs (SI 1.2) Glen Kotzen
Tons Of Fun 1 f (7 Aug) Zingara Danehill Dancer 55k Crs (SI 0.66) Wendy Whitehead
Double Joy 1 f (12 Sep) Treaj Pots Rich Man's Gold 50k Crs (SI 0.6) D Nieuwenhuizen
19tiger Flo 1 f (26 Sep) Tiger Flo Tiger Ridge 40k Crs (SI 0.48) P Botha
19Breathtaking 1 f (16 Nov) Breathtaking Captain Al Not Sold
19Fearbuster 1 f (13 Sep) Fearbuster Fastnet Rock Not Sold
19Nordic Wind 1 f (2 Oct) Nordic Wind Windrush Not Sold
19Sing For Me 1 f (30 Oct) Sing For Me Galileo
19Sweet Trip 1 f (24 Oct) Sweet Trip Carson City
Mrs Always Right 1 f (13 Sep) Masked Lady Casey Tibbs


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Cafe Culture 1 c (8 Oct) Put The Kettle On Dynasty
Comeththehour 1 c (29 Aug) Berlinetta Jet Master
Dance Variety 1 c (30 Oct) Trippitango Trippi
Sagan 1 c (12 Aug) Lazer Star Toreador
Moon Guide 1 f (18 Aug) Darling Moon Indigo Magic


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Galic War 1 c (30 Sep) Oojooba Dynasty 375k Crs (SI 4.49) Hollywood Syndicate
19Sitia 1 c (11 Aug) Sitia Captain Al
Great Rebellion 1 c (16 Nov) Nutcracker Sweet Albert Hall
Kapuziner 1 c (6 Oct) Full Regalia Captain Al
Quandary 1 c (24 Aug) Quippi Trippi
Silver Astrix 1 c (24 Aug) French Lass Western Winter
Trevellyan 1 c (5 Oct) A Star For Maria Noverre
19be Fabulous 1 f (22 Oct) Be Fabulous Kahal 60k Crs (SI 0.72) G D Kahan
Pacific Express 1 f (7 Sep) Pacific Princess Sportsworld 40k Crs (SI 0.48) Andries Steyn
19Sylvie 1 f (14 Sep) Sylvie Dupont
Peach Daiquiri 1 f (7 Sep) Pomona Querari
St Kitts 1 f (17 Sep) Stormin Cat Western Winter


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Eagle Quest 1 c (25 Aug) Evil Woman Go Deputy 65k Crs (SI 0.78) Adam Kethro Property Trust
19Elusive Spirit 1 c (16 Oct) Elusive Spirit Caesour
Allondeck 1 c (21 Aug) Aquila Jet Jet Master
Dowser 1 c (12 Sep) Premier Dance Silvano
Famous And Rich 1 c (15 Oct) Gathering Fame Jet Master
Victor Rail 1 c (14 Oct) Vermilion Western Winter Not Sold
Scarlet Red 1 f (31 Oct) Chambre` Rakeen 50k Crs (SI 0.6) T&L Racing
19midnight Fox 1 f (24 Sep) Midnight Fox Victory Moon 15k Crs (SI 0.18) G D Kahan
19free The Wind 1 f (27 Sep) Free The Wind Windrush Not Sold
Antigua Night 1 f (14 Aug) Evening Attire Kahal
Flamands 1 f (9 Sep) Red Flame Jet Master
Mistress Merlot 1 f (20 Oct) Ventura Go Deputy Not Sold

What A Winter

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Winter Baron 1 c (14 Sep) Countess Of Rhynie Count Dubois 120k Crs (SI 1.44) Andries Steyn
Casino Ace 1 c (23 Sep) Aunty Carol Oracy 80k Crs (SI 0.96) Jaghorn Thouroughbreds
Winter Legend 1 c (30 Oct) Impress Me Al Mufti 65k Crs (SI 0.78) Fortune Racing
Silver Ducat 1 c (23 Sep) Tales Of Silver Silvano 50k Crs (SI 0.6) Pound Bloodstock
18free Fall 1 c (5 Aug) Free Fall Captain Al
19Schism 1 c (11 Oct) Schism Count Dubois
Agnessiro 1 c (11 Sep) Amatori Sail From Seattle
Alpine Challenge 1 c (8 Nov) Distance Done Dynaformer
Cuddle Up 1 c (25 Aug) Sweetie Pie Fort Wood Withdrawn
Far Away Winter 1 c (17 Sep) Fromafar Trippi
Hot Ice 1 c (7 Aug) Menorah Var
Pontiac 1 c (30 Oct) Whatalady Jet Master
Stratospheric 1 c (21 Sep) Stratos Jet Master
Winningsingle 1 c (10 Aug) Single Rose Joshua Dancer
Wyag 1 c (14 Sep) Going My Own Way Sail From Seattle
Inner Sense 1 f (5 Aug) Frame Of Mind Dynasty 320k Crs (SI 3.83) Gmb Bloodstock
Tulip Tree 1 f (18 Aug) Boxwood Bower Fastnet Rock 160k Crs (SI 1.91) Willem Ackerman
Miss Mapimpi 1 f (4 Sep) Pimpinella Fort Wood 100k Crs (SI 1.2) Mark Dixon
Keenonkelly 1 f (26 Sep) Keen Kali Joshua Dancer 30k Crs (SI 0.36) Howells Racing
Dame Twining 1 f (17 Sep) Madame De Guava Excelebration 20k Crs (SI 0.24) Paul Peter Racing
Ode To The Ocean 1 f (13 Nov) Sea Jewel Model Man 15k Crs (SI 0.18) Paul Peter Racing
19biasca 1 f (22 Oct) Biasca Fort Wood Withdrawn
19Field Flower 1 f (28 Oct) Field Flower Silvano
19Janis 1 f (20 Oct) Janis Dupont
The Agents Muse 1 f (28 Aug) Sofala Jet Master
What Now My Gal 1 f (16 Oct) What A Gal Qui Danzig
Winter Garden 1 f (28 Sep) Azinza Captain Al Withdrawn
Winter Greeting 1 f (26 Oct) Eastern Greeting Kahal
Winter Magic 1 f (23 Aug) Cast A Spell Rambo Dancer

Where's That Tiger

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Here's That Lady 1 f (15 Sep) Fantastic Lady Fantastic Light Not Sold

William Longsword

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
William's Impact 1 c (17 Aug) Blakes Mistress Dynasty 160k Crs (SI 1.91) Pjs Business Trust
19Tiffindell 1 c (12 Sep) Tiffindell Silvano 60k Crs (SI 0.72) Jamie Leigh Wei Jei Sim
Marvel William 1 c (10 Aug) Marcheline Western Winter 50k Crs (SI 0.6) Eight Mile Lodge
19Hollywoodboulevard 1 c (15 Sep) Hollywoodboulevard Street Cry
19Jean Jeannie 1 c (4 Nov) Jean Jeannie Giant's Causeway
19Laughing River 1 c (26 Sep) Laughing River Windrush
19Law Of The Jungle 1 c (22 Oct) Law Of The Jungle Catcher In The Rye
19Primrose Hill 1 c (16 Aug) Primrose Hill Giant's Causeway
19Reconcile 1 c (10 Oct) Reconcile Silvano
19Splashdown 1 c (29 Oct) Splashdown Judpot
19Witchcraft 1 c (26 Aug) Witchcraft Kahal
19Zippy Zitter 1 c (18 Nov) Zippy Zitter Galileo
Gaelic Prince 1 c (14 Aug) Ultimate Shamrock Fastnet Rock
Hockenheim 1 c (7 Nov) Hijacked Jet Master
Itsrainingwilliam 1 c (2 Oct) Imvula Aqlaam
Longtrip 1 c (16 Aug) Sunset Tripp Trippi
Lord William 1 c (17 Aug) Lady Seymour Silvano
Pinch Hit 1 c (12 Aug) Between The Covers Caesour
Sprota 1 f (23 Aug) Izora Western Winter 260k Crs (SI 3.11) Gmb Bloodstock
Let It Snow 1 f (9 Sep) Ice Maiden Western Winter 140k Crs (SI 1.68) Sandy Arundel
19Tina's Trip 1 f (4 Sep) Tina's Trip Trippi 100k Crs (SI 1.2) S Viljoen
Ashanti Sword 1 f (28 Aug) Bello Africo Caesour 70k Crs (SI 0.84) Aegean Prince Racing
Lady Chocolat 1 f (1 Aug) Chocolate Nemesis Congrats 65k Crs (SI 0.78) Christopher Kelly
19Woodland Fire 1 f (14 Nov) Woodland Fire Lecture 15k Crs (SI 0.18) Glen Kotzen
19Counting Angels 1 f (1 Oct) Counting Angels Count Dubois
19Crazy About Me 1 f (20 Sep) Crazy About Me Lawyer Ron
19Experience Counts 1 f (25 Sep) Experience Counts Count Dubois
19Mon Ami Misty 1 f (23 Oct) Mon Ami Misty National Emblem
19Paper Nautilus 1 f (15 Oct) Paper Nautilus Western Winter Withdrawn
19Polar Trip 1 f (31 Aug) Polar Trip Trippi
19Sea Glitter 1 f (17 Oct) Sea Glitter Holy Bull
19Sidera 1 f (10 Oct) Sidera Galileo
Kennedy 1 f (1 Aug) Jackie O Western Winter
Such A Cracker 1 f (19 Sep) Pistacchio Horse Chestnut

Wylie Hall

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
19Beau Var 1 c (24 Oct) Beau Var Var Not Sold
19Virgo's Babe 1 c (2 Nov) Virgo's Babe Malhub Withdrawn
Le Mans 1 c (12 Oct) La Chouette Western Winter
Certainly 1 f (20 Aug) Sounds Positive Miesque's Approval 65k Crs (SI 0.78) P Somasundram
19Rachel Leigh 1 f (1 Oct) Rachel Leigh Fort Wood Not Sold

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