Sire Sale Statistics Class of 2018

Sale prices from major sales, crop by crop, with sortable columns.
Listed are active sires featured in the current Sires book

Act Of War

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Intrepid Act 1 c (26 Aug) Silver Carpet Silvano 240k Ns (SI 0.79) The Gavin Zurnamer Family Trust
Rollwiththepunches 1 c (22 Aug) Lady Red Russian Revival 160k Ns (SI 0.52) Roy Magner
Tip Of The Spear 1 c (11 Sep) Theta Kahal 150k Ns (SI 0.49) F Bronkhorst
Wave Warrior 1 c (7 Sep) Surfers Eye Elliodor 140k Ns (SI 0.46) Matchett Racing
Letsdoit 1 c (8 Oct) Solarium Var 130k Ns (SI 0.43) Stephen Moffatt Racing
Tom's Act 2 c (22 Sep) Romantic Drama Model Man 130k Ty (SI 1.06) Doug Campbell
Bands Of War 1 c (5 Sep) Band Of Angels National Assembly 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Matchett Racing
Arctic Advance 2 c (13 Aug) Autumn Mist Western Winter 80k Ty (SI 0.65) Equine Speculators
War Man 2 c (20 Sep) Silent Legacy Elliodor 80k Ty (SI 0.65) Glen Kotzen
Il Lungo 2 c (13 Nov) Winging It Wild Jet Master 65k Ty (SI 0.53) Pine Lodge Stud
Lady Godoy 1 f (10 Aug) Copiapo Captain Al 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Matchett Racing
18Bella Anna 2 f (30 Aug) Bella Anna Anabaa 60k Ty (SI 0.49) Al Khayl Breeders
Bella Fiorenza 2 f (12 Aug) Bajan Fantasy Mullins Bay 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Dennis Cason
18ikimasu 2 f (14 Aug) Ikimasu Admire Main 35k Ty (SI 0.28) Kp Racing

Admiral Kitten

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Sicilian Tiger 1 c (15 Oct) Casa Nostra Strike Smartly 100k Ns (SI 0.33) A G Racing
18ze Evah 2 c (9 Nov) Ze Evah Amadeus Wolf 55k Ty (SI 0.45) Preggie Somasundram
Admiral Birnham 2 c (30 Sep) Lucky Lear Jet Master 55k Ty (SI 0.45) Jt Freeman
Admiral's Shine 1 c (10 Oct) New Orleans Shine Fort Wood 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Gavin Smith
18Sendintheclowns 1 c (13 Oct) Sendintheclowns Ashaawes Not Sold
Admirals Moon 1 c (24 Sep) Moon By Night Victory Moon Not Sold
Full Go 1 c (21 Nov) Risk All Captain Al Not Sold
Lord Admiral 1 c (25 Aug) The Right Answer A P Answer Not Sold
Zuzan 1 c (27 Oct) Zafira Silvano
18Tassie Belle 1 f (20 Aug) Tassie Belle Casey Tibbs 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Mk Naidoo
18Tara's Tinker 2 f (2 Dec) Tara's Tinker Tara's Halls 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Barbara Kennedy
18lady Of The Rocks 2 f (23 Aug) Lady Of The Rocks Caesour Not Sold
18Parfait 1 f (24 Sep) Parfait Roderic O'Connor Withdrawn
18quiensabe 2 f (13 Oct) Quiensabe Mt. Livermore Not Sold
18Summer Rose 1 f (16 Sep) Summer Rose Al Mufti Withdrawn
18Welsh Kitten 1 f (18 Sep) Welsh Kitten Tiger Ridge
Thepinkadmiral 2 f (9 Aug) Pinkyandthebrain Hawk Wing Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Varifast 2 c (26 Oct) Varifast Var 70k Ty (SI 0.57) Fanie Bronkhorst
18Cape Lilac 2 c (16 Oct) Cape Lilac Fort Wood 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Chris Erasmus
Extract 1 c (14 Sep) Our Princess Western Winter 35k Crs (SI 0.52) V Patchappen
18Antonia's Glory 1 c (2 Oct) Antonia's Glory Dynasty 20k Crs (SI 0.3) Ballymacash Racing
Captain's Knot 1 c (5 Oct) Kensington Park Caesour Not Sold
Displace Time 1 c (28 Oct) Heraclea Groom Dancer Not Sold
18Midfield Scortcher 2 f (21 Oct) Midfield Scortcher Sportsworld 30k Ty (SI 0.24) B Stidolph
Different Drum 1 f (4 Oct) Timpanist Beat Hollow Not Sold
Queen Margot 1 f (4 Sep) Dynasty's Pride Dynasty Not Sold
Romanoff 2 f (4 Oct) Nutella Rich Man's Gold Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Leshawes 1 c (15 Oct) Letas Bonnet Rebel King Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18polonaise 2 f (31 Aug) Polonaise Centenary 15k Ty (SI 0.12) St John Gray
Country Flame 2 f (17 Oct) Country Legacy Malhub 15k Ty (SI 0.12) St John Gray

Bold Silvano

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Bold Captain 2 c (18 Oct) Coastal Reign Fort Wood 70k Ty (SI 0.57) Zietsman Oosthuizen
Bold Premier 2 c (16 Oct) Rushing Elf Windrush 20k Ty (SI 0.16) Marthinus Prinsloo

Brave Tin Soldier

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Swiss Pearl 2 c (12 Sep) Swiss Pearl Fort Wood 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Julie Guthrie
18Brightest Day 2 f (18 Aug) Brightest Day Country Reel 30k Ty (SI 0.24) Chris Santos
18queen Kastanea 2 f (23 Sep) Queen Kastanea Tiger Ridge Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Beltway 2 f (1 Sep) Belt up Fort Wood 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Fortune Racing

Capetown Noir

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Ikapa 2 c (27 Aug) Miss Coco Galileo 90k Ty (SI 0.73) Bass Racing
Sikhulu 2 c (22 Oct) Emerald Crown King of Kings 80k Ty (SI 0.65) Barbara Kennedy
Elmo 2 c (26 Oct) Millionaires Row Way West 45k Ty (SI 0.37) Fortune Racing
18bindella 2 c (17 Nov) Bindella Jallad 25k Ty (SI 0.2) Garth Puller Racing
18junior Wife 2 c (20 Oct) Junior Wife Jet Master 20k Ty (SI 0.16) Kp Racing
Cocoa Hill 1 f (12 Nov) Elegant Blush Jallad 50k Ns (SI 0.16) F Bronkhorst
Capetown Beauty 1 f (1 Nov) Irresistable Chris Mark of Esteem Not Sold
La Dreamer 1 f (27 Sep) Lisa Anne Rambo Dancer Not Sold
Shining Armour 2 f (5 Nov) White Mischief Jet Master Not Sold
Silent Observer 1 f (6 Sep) Olympic Affair Tamburlaine Not Sold
Time To Celebrate 1 f (15 Aug) Victory Tale Jet Master

Captain Of All

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Warrior Captain 1 c (2 Oct) Free As A Bird National Emblem 260k Ns (SI 0.85) Avinash Rucktooa
18Glorious Moment 2 c (12 Oct) Glorious Moment Count Dubois 160k Crtr (SI 1.42) Equinemarketingsolutions
Captain Lannister 2 c (8 Oct) Hidden Nest Western Winter 160k Ty (SI 1.3) Fortune Racing
Captain Of Grit 1 c (18 Sep) Nina Katrina Western Winter 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) Geoffrey Woodruff
Goodwill 1 c (7 Oct) Without Malice Jet Master 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) Kenneth Pillay
18Tresco 2 c (21 Oct) Tresco Dynasty 130k Crtr (SI 1.15) Brett Crawford
Captains Walk 2 c (4 Nov) Cakewalk Dynasty 100k Ty (SI 0.81) Howells Racing
Midnight Cowboy 2 c (27 Nov) Lielums National Emblem 100k Crtr (SI 0.89) Bass Racing (Pty) Ltd
18salsabeel 2 c (14 Nov) Salsabeel Elusive Quality 60k Ty (SI 0.49) Paul Gadsby
18Hope Johanna 1 c (12 Oct) Hope Johanna Johannesburg 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Michael Le Roux
18triple Digit 2 c (8 Oct) Triple Digit Trippi 50k Ty (SI 0.41) T&L Racing
18bombshell Girl 2 c (9 Sep) Bombshell Girl Elusive Fort Withdrawn
18saint Janine 2 c (30 Oct) Saint Janine Trippi Withdrawn
18So Impressed 1 f (5 Sep) So Impressed Al Mufti 275k Bk1 (SI 0.84) Petrus Botha
Imposing Angel 1 f (11 Oct) Captivating Party National Assembly 250k Ns (SI 0.82) Vermaak Equine
Manhattan 1 f (14 Nov) Quest For Gold Jallad 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Rainbow Beach Trading
Wokonda 1 f (22 Sep) Elata Fort Wood 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Rainbow Beach Trading
18Remarkable 1 f (28 Sep) Remarkable Goldmark 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) Mgas Bloodstock
Captain's Run 1 f (30 Sep) Kahal's Secret Kahal 80k Crs (SI 1.19) Spies Racing Cc
I Am Royal 1 f (1 Nov) Royal Yacht Caesour 70k Ns (SI 0.23) Roy Magner
18Calamint 1 f (7 Sep) Calamint Jallad 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Crawford Rix Racing
Lydia's Prosper 1 f (11 Aug) Sadler's Lass Fort Wood 50k Crs (SI 0.75) Paul Peter Racing
Red Kite 1 f (14 Oct) Legendary Flight Rakeen 45k Crs (SI 0.67) P Kruyer
Puff Of Smoke 2 f (30 Oct) Jalinga Jallad 35k Ty (SI 0.28) Roy Magner
La Fille 1 f (8 Nov) French Girl National Assembly 30k Crs (SI 0.45) Gd Kahan
Military Cross 1 f (30 Sep) Kilcross Antonius Pius 30k Crs (SI 0.45) Allan Bloodlines
18cosmic Charm 1 f (4 Oct) Cosmic Charm Meteor Shower 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Andries Steyn
Marabi Princess 1 f (13 Nov) Kwela-Kwela Muhtafal 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Paul Peter Racing
She's Winning 1 f (14 Sep) Winning Sister Dynasty 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Hennie Viljoen
Willletyouknow 1 f (10 Sep) Julia's World Sportsworld 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Bluegrass Trading
18Rubybay 2 f (12 Aug) Rubybay Medaglia d'Oro 22 Crtr (SI 0) Wm
18Eyetunes 1 f (19 Aug) Eyetunes Mambo In Seattle Withdrawn
Ride The Lightning 1 f (12 Sep) Palo Santo National Emblem

Count Dubois

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Queen's Wood 2 c (22 Sep) Queen Dagmar Silvano 100k Ty (SI 0.81) Brett Crawford
Hallerbos 1 c (7 Sep) Simply Blue Var Not Sold
First Encounter 1 f (21 Oct) Cool Encounter Mogok 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Paul Peter Racing

Coup de Grace

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Pelaya 1 c (11 Oct) Pelaya Silvano 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) Normandy Stud
18Estimation 2 c (3 Oct) Estimation Distorted Humor 115k Crtr (SI 1.02) Central Route Trading
Fill Your Boots 2 c (18 Nov) Only In Philly Polish Numbers 70k Ty (SI 0.57) Hollywood Syndicate
18Consequentially 2 c (20 Sep) Consequentially Silvano 45k Crtr (SI 0.4) Af
Jivko Draganov 2 c (26 Oct) Let The Music Play Model Man 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Clinton Binda
Military Coup 2 c (22 Sep) Maeve Tiger Ridge 15k Ty (SI 0.12) S A Macgregor
18Above Emeralds 1 c (1 Oct) Above Emeralds Black Minnaloushe Withdrawn
18Elucidation 1 c (28 Oct) Elucidation Elusive Quality Withdrawn
18Hinted 1 c (10 Nov) Hinted Montjeu Not Sold
18jeweller's Joy 1 c (27 Oct) Jeweller's Joy Trippi Withdrawn
18katherine 1 c (18 Oct) Katherine Rakeen Withdrawn
18Lady's Desire 1 c (21 Aug) Lady's Desire Lizard Island Not Sold
18Miss Marker 1 c (8 Oct) Miss Marker Var Withdrawn
18Synchronize 1 c (29 Oct) Synchronize Al Mufti Not Sold
Equerry 2 c (4 Nov) Lavish Gal Makaarem Not Sold
Mr Bayview 1 c (21 Oct) Garibondy Var Withdrawn
Senor Garcia 1 c (13 Nov) Senorita Al Captain Al Not Sold
Uncomplicated 1 c (7 Sep) It's Complicated Var Not Sold
Zacpack Assassin 1 c (30 Aug) Ashram Tiger Ridge Withdrawn
18valley Of Rubies 1 f (10 Sep) Valley Of Rubies Mogok 180k Crs (SI 2.69) I Snyman
18Grandalea 1 f (14 Oct) Grandalea Parade Leader 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) Vermaak Equine
Derecho 1 f (12 Oct) Nordic Wind Windrush 100k Bk1 (SI 0.31) Normandy Stud
18Moonsaballoon 1 f (24 Oct) Moonsaballoon Western Winter 75k Crs (SI 1.12) Ballymacash Racing
Kwazzi's Lady 1 f (20 Aug) Sublime Lady Captain Al 75k Bk1 (SI 0.23) Alec Laird
Natasha Rostov 1 f (7 Sep) Tale of Love Daylami 60k Ns (SI 0.2) Howells Racing
Final Stroke 2 f (22 Sep) Flaming Flower Western Winter 25k Crtr (SI 0.22) Gr
Danse Milord 1 f (17 Aug) Heavens Above Montjeu 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Michael Roberts
18flighty's Last 1 f (15 Oct) Flighty's Last Jallad Withdrawn
18malakeh 1 f (26 Aug) Malakeh Snippets Not Sold
18Morning Light 1 f (30 Aug) Morning Light Dynasty Not Sold
18ninefold 1 f (9 Oct) Ninefold Warm White Night Not Sold
18Off To Dance 1 f (22 Oct) Off To Dance National Emblem Not Sold
18Preoccupation 2 f (10 Sep) Preoccupation Snitzel Not Sold
Lazer Grace 1 f (21 Aug) Empress Of Ozz Sri Pekan Not Sold
Old Glory 1 f (12 Sep) Capitol Steps National Assembly Withdrawn
Piece Of My Heart 2 f (8 Nov) Janis Dupont Not Sold
Queenstown 2 f (7 Aug) Jubilante Dynasty Not Sold
Route Sixt Six 1 f (18 Nov) Circle Of Speed Sebring Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Faustino 2 c (16 Nov) Wishful Eye Var 220k Ty (SI 1.79) Manie Pillay
Desert Crusader 2 c (17 Sep) Sahara Mogok 160k Ty (SI 1.3) Dennis Drier
Spring Will Come 1 c (17 Sep) Blue Nevada Anytime 120k Ns (SI 0.39) Boneast (Pty) Ltd
Imperial Crusade 1 c (4 Nov) Rhumba In Space Spaceship 80k Ns (SI 0.26) Mark Dixon
Cabin Pressure 2 c (21 Sep) My Celebration Jet Master 55k Ty (SI 0.45) Lg Denysschen
18knock And Announce 2 c (26 Aug) Knock And Announce Announce 15k Ty (SI 0.12) World Wide Bloodstock Za
18I Said Hey 2 c (1 Oct) I Said Hey Alami Withdrawn
Green Card 2 c (27 Sep) Green Line Caesour Not Sold
Volunteer 2 f (6 Sep) Marsh Gas Mogok 20k Ty (SI 0.16) Peter Muscutt

Curved Ball

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Alabaster 2 c (25 Sep) Spellbound Trippi 90k Ty (SI 0.73) Michael Rai
Merchant Gold 2 c (6 Sep) Allure Caesour 30k Ty (SI 0.24) Wendy Whitehead

Duke Of Marmalade

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Rothko 1 c (5 Aug) Aquatint Peintre Celebre 450k Ns (SI 1.47) K P Truter
Thai Treat 1 c (13 Nov) Rat Burana Dodge 140k Ns (SI 0.46) Fortune Racing
Agrademarmalade 1 c (8 Aug) Song Of Victory Victory Moon 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Gavin Smith
Lord Minver 1 c (24 Sep) Polzeath Singspiel 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Nathan Kotzen
Timbavati River 1 c (22 Oct) Croc Valley Western Winter 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Fortune Racing
Fiery Duke 2 c (24 Oct) Umlilo Fort Wood 30k Ty (SI 0.24) W Badenhorst
Senhor Duke 1 c (28 Aug) Anise Victory Moon 25k Crs (SI 0.37) Gavin Smith
Earl Of Cardigan 1 c (10 Nov) Especially Fantastic Light Not Sold
Forged By Fire 1 c (19 Oct) Three Blue Cranes Captain Al Withdrawn
Got That Swing 1 c (22 Sep) Carousel Swing Trippi Not Sold
Gravitas 1 c (25 Aug) Kindly Kat Machiavellian Withdrawn
Harold The Duke 1 c (3 Nov) Harolds Gold Fort Wood Not Sold
South Sandwich 1 c (22 Nov) La Mascarata Kahal Withdrawn
Specially Selected 1 c (28 Sep) Cuvee Brut Count Dubois Withdrawn
Spin Doctor 1 c (28 Aug) Fire Spinner Galileo Not Sold
Bye Bye Bombshell 1 f (15 Sep) Dubai Gina Dubai Destination 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) G Bortz
Miss Quince 1 f (27 Aug) Zili Parade Leader 175k Bk1 (SI 0.54) Hill Racing
Fearless Kitty 1 f (7 Oct) Kapen Cat Lion Hearted 150k Ns (SI 0.49) Glen Kotzen
Marmalade Cutter 1 f (5 Sep) Hidden Gem Judpot 70k Ns (SI 0.23) Corne Spies Racing
18mirabile 2 f (11 Aug) Mirabile Spectrum 50k Ty (SI 0.41) R Marais
Sweet But Sycho 2 f (15 Sep) Sugar Frosted Silvano 45k Crtr (SI 0.4) Central Route Trading
18katembe 2 f (1 Sep) Katembe Var 40k Crtr (SI 0.35) Dc20
By Royal Command 2 f (11 Nov) Alvilda Jallad 20k Crtr (SI 0.18) Gp
Gaetana 2 f (3 Sep) Irish Heroine Selkirk 20k Ty (SI 0.16) Marthinus Prinsloo
18atlantic Beach 1 f (13 Oct) Atlantic Beach Right Approach Withdrawn
Royal Welcome 2 f (13 Aug) Royal Trip Trippi Not Sold
Sparkling Crystal 1 f (19 Oct) Crystal Cavern Horse Chestnut Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Mary Lou 1 c (30 Aug) Mary Lou Rich Man's Gold 1m Ns (SI 3.28) Srb Plattner Farming
Flying Esteban 1 c (8 Nov) Franny Trippi 900k Ns (SI 2.95) Form Bloodstock
Navy Strength 1 c (20 Sep) Spring Lilac Joshua Dancer 800k Ns (SI 2.62) Gmb Investments
18Egyptian Sky 1 c (25 Nov) Egyptian Sky Fastnet Rock 750k Bk1 (SI 2.3) Brett Crawford
Top Quality 1 c (1 Oct) Red Kaschka Elliodor 550k Bk1 (SI 1.69) Nicholas Jonsson
Raider 1 c (21 Sep) Chevauchee High Chaparral 400k Bk1 (SI 1.23) Hollywood Syndicate
San Quintin 1 c (21 Oct) All Afire Jet Master 400k Ns (SI 1.31) Fortune Racing
Habsburg 2 c (28 Oct) Hollywood Dreams Victory Moon 300k Crtr (SI 2.66) Candycat
18Miss K 2 c (26 Sep) Miss K Kahal 270k Ty (SI 2.2) Paul Lafferty Racing
18Hadarama 2 c (17 Oct) Hadarama Sinndar 180k Crtr (SI 1.6) G7m7
Carl Vincent 1 c (17 Aug) Helleborus Blue Cee's Tizzy Withdrawn
Conifer 1 c (22 Nov) Scent Of Pine Badger Land Withdrawn
Sage King 1 c (5 Oct) Sage Blue Badger Land Withdrawn
Blue Eyed Girl 1 f (18 Sep) Crazy About Me Lawyer Ron 500k Bk1 (SI 1.53) John Freeman
Ntinga 1 f (2 Sep) Viva Maria Jet Master 500k Bk1 (SI 1.53) P Carolin
Forries Forever 1 f (4 Nov) Rose Of Tralee Rich Man's Gold 250k Ns (SI 0.82) Varsfontein Stud
Rebel 1 f (21 Oct) King's Temptress King of Kings Withdrawn
Sardinia 1 f (11 Sep) Nyangan Silvano Withdrawn

Elusive Fort

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Betty Burke 1 c (13 Nov) Betty Burke Captain Al 300k Ns (SI 0.98) Piet Botha
Legendsofthefall 2 c (11 Sep) Early Spring Western Winter 200k Ty (SI 1.63) Hollywood Syndicate
Jean Paul 1 c (22 Sep) Sylvie Dupont 100k Crs (SI 1.49) Allan Bloodlines
JP Two Thousand 1 c (3 Oct) Konfessional Kahal 60k Crs (SI 0.9) Paul Peter Racing
18Ideal Lady 1 c (9 Oct) Ideal Lady Ideal World 40k Crs (SI 0.6) Allan Bloodlines
18Delta Dancer 1 c (11 Sep) Delta Dancer Tiger Dance 25k Crs (SI 0.37) Paul Peter Racing
Il Padrino 2 c (21 Nov) Silent Call Kahal 25k Ty (SI 0.2) Keenan Jansen
Little Prince 1 c (4 Oct) Shanna Var 20k Crs (SI 0.3) Paul Peter Racing
18bay Leaf 1 c (19 Nov) Bay Leaf Strike Smartly 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Paul Peter Racing
Forttuva 1 c (31 Oct) Souplesse Indigo Magic 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Oldlands Stud
That's A Fact 1 c (25 Oct) Nicety Silvano 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Nicola Bouwer
Bush Tracker 2 c (27 Aug) Al Farabi Tiger Ridge Not Sold
Zoutman 1 c (28 Sep) Juzztine Lundy's Liability Withdrawn
Big Burn 2 f (3 Nov) Ignition Lady Argonaut 300k Ty (SI 2.44) Kp Racing
18so Royal 1 f (17 Nov) So Royal Kahir Almaydan 160k Ns (SI 0.52) Gareth Van Zyl
Nature's Fortress 1 f (26 Sep) Gibraltar Express Rock of Gibraltar 125k Bk1 (SI 0.38) Allan Bloodlines
Angelic Fort 1 f (4 Oct) Saint Angelique Var 120k Ns (SI 0.39) Lg Denysschen
18Goldandsilver 1 f (16 Aug) Goldandsilver Silvano 100k Bk1 (SI 0.31) Peter De Beyer
Cracklin Rose 1 f (2 Sep) Amarillo Rose Silvano 80k Ns (SI 0.26) J T Freeman
Heartsease 1 f (29 Sep) Cio-Cio Exchange Rate 65k Crs (SI 0.97) Dean Kannemeyer Racing
Floreana Island 1 f (17 Oct) Isabella Island Western Winter 60k Crs (SI 0.9) Ballymacash Racing
Frozen Snow 2 f (24 Oct) Ice House Western Winter 60k Crtr (SI 0.53) Gp25
Siege Of Orleans 2 f (23 Nov) Joan Of Arc Goldkeeper 60k Ty (SI 0.49) Doug Campbell
Bingin Beach 1 f (9 Oct) Bluroute Dubai Destination 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Gavin Van Zyl
Bloodonarose 2 f (16 Aug) Mocha Blitz Silvano 50k Crtr (SI 0.44) Fb20
Queen Theodora 2 f (23 Aug) Imperial Empress Toreador 50k Ty (SI 0.41) T&L Racing
Sprinkles 1 f (3 Aug) Jin-go-lo-ba Tiger Ridge 50k Crs (SI 0.75) Paul Peter Racing
Vic Falls 1 f (1 Sep) Waterfall Kabool 25k Crs (SI 0.37) Sharon Kotzen Racing
18going My Own Way 1 f (14 Aug) Going My Own Way Sail From Seattle 15k Crs (SI 0.22) P Botha
18roczinta 1 f (22 Oct) Roczinta Rock of Gibraltar 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Paul Peter Racing
18Hear The Rain 1 f (4 Nov) Hear The Rain Jet Master Withdrawn
18Motherless 1 f (31 Oct) Motherless Right Approach Not Sold
18music Pass 1 f (20 Oct) Music Pass Go Deputy Not Sold
Royal And Ancient 2 f (21 Nov) Success Counts Count Dubois Not Sold
Space Time 1 f (24 Oct) Space Girl Alado Withdrawn
Still Love You 1 f (4 Oct) Angie King of Kings Not Sold

Fencing Master

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Santiburi 2 c (26 Aug) Santiburi High Chaparral 70k Ty (SI 0.57) Bird Leisure & Admin
18national Emergency 1 f (2 Oct) National Emergency National Assembly 15k Crs (SI 0.22) S Viljoen
18nandi 1 f (16 Sep) Nandi Danehill Dancer Not Sold
18poetry Party 1 f (17 Nov) Poetry Party Spectrum Not Sold

Flower Alley

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Flow Forever 2 c (24 Oct) Little Jet Jet Master 475k Ty (SI 3.86) Gold Star Stud
Your Excellency 1 c (4 Sep) Ortega Tiger Ridge 400k Ns (SI 1.31) Form Bloodstock
18moonsong Magic 1 c (3 Aug) Moonsong Magic Windrush 280k Ns (SI 0.92) A G Racing
18moonlit Magic 1 c (23 Oct) Moonlit Magic Belong to Me 210k Ns (SI 0.69) A Marcus Racing
Iron Bark 1 c (11 Sep) Heritage Wood Var 175k Bk1 (SI 0.54) Gareth Van Zyl
Head Gardener 2 c (3 Sep) Nikki Fort Wood 150k Ty (SI 1.22) Howells Racing
Sky God 1 c (20 Oct) Minerva Western Winter 45k Crs (SI 0.67) Bass Racing
Memory Lane 1 c (28 Aug) Wisdom Stone Dalakhani 40k Crs (SI 0.6) Paul Reeves
18At A Great Rate 1 c (4 Oct) At A Great Rate Arch 20k Crs (SI 0.3) S Govindasamy
Dianthus Amurensis 2 c (13 Sep) Amur Affair Tiger Ridge 20k Ty (SI 0.16) Barend Botes
18Exile 1 c (21 Oct) Exile Model Man Not Sold
18Kiss For Kate 1 c (27 Aug) Kiss For Kate Jallad Withdrawn
18Trading Up 1 c (7 Oct) Trading Up Model Man Not Sold
Chyavana 1 c (13 Sep) Cosmic Light Querari Not Sold
Lions Tail 1 c (18 Nov) Art Of Africa Elliodor Withdrawn
Rock Garden 1 c (14 Oct) Rosier Kildonan Withdrawn
Super Silver 1 c (26 Sep) Silver Dream Tiger Hill Withdrawn
This Generation 1 c (15 Nov) Redeem My Heart Indigo Magic Withdrawn
Cheringoma 1 f (5 Sep) Gorongosa Montjeu 425k Ns (SI 1.39) Stuart Pettigrew
Costa Smeralda 1 f (3 Aug) Gay Fortuna Fort Wood 400k Ns (SI 1.31) Bass Racing
Evening Primrose 1 f (4 Sep) Noor Dynasty 280k Ns (SI 0.92) Gareth Van Zyl
Chelsea Flower 1 f (31 Aug) Rydethecreek Parade Leader 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Al Khayl Breeders
Wisteria Avenue 2 f (16 Sep) Teller Line Roar 220k Ty (SI 1.79) Form Bloodstock
18fakazi 1 f (22 Sep) Fakazi Albarahin 180k Ns (SI 0.59) Ck Racing
English Primrose 2 f (15 Sep) Queen Bess Trippi 140k Ty (SI 1.14) T&L Racing
Castello Campanula 1 f (24 Oct) Castelnova Judpot 110k Ns (SI 0.36) Piemonte Stud
18awe Inspiring 1 f (4 Oct) Awe Inspiring Horse Chestnut 100k Ns (SI 0.33) A Rivalland
Family Footsteps 1 f (31 Aug) The Heiress Rich Man's Gold 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Varsfontein Stud
Defender Of Rights 2 f (30 Sep) Public Protector Elusive Quality 80k Ty (SI 0.65) Stuart Pettigrew
Sugar Snap 2 f (7 Oct) Hugger-Mugger Fort Wood 70k Ty (SI 0.57) Pine Lodge Stud
Pink Diamond 1 f (7 Sep) Zirconeum Jallad 60k Crs (SI 0.9) Fortune Racing
Vitosha 1 f (17 Sep) Epic Style Spectrum 60k Ns (SI 0.2) Adv Ap Joubert
Gilded Butterfly 1 f (30 Oct) Gallica Rose Silvano 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Willem Ackerman
Bathing Beauty 1 f (22 Sep) Loofah Fort Wood 40k Crs (SI 0.6) Paul Peter Racing
18Untamed 2 f (7 Oct) Untamed Black Minnaloushe 25k Ty (SI 0.2) Kirk Swanson
The Next Chapter 2 f (8 Aug) Vol De Nuit Silvano 22 Crtr (SI 0) Af
18Tirza 1 f (6 Aug) Tirza Silvano Withdrawn
Flower Seller 1 f (9 Aug) Victorian Secret Captain Al
Label Queen 1 f (28 Aug) Strut Your Stuff High Chaparral Not Sold
Tahiti Dreamer 2 f (29 Aug) Pacific Princess Sportsworld Not Sold

Flying The Flag

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Denver 2 c (25 Sep) Out In The Cold Western Winter 140k Ty (SI 1.14) The Fire Racing Trust
Ferrando 2 c (24 Jul) Lunar Lee Victory Moon 55k Ty (SI 0.45) Glen Kotzen
Call For Countdown 2 c (21 Sep) Now You See Her Captain Al 50k Ty (SI 0.41) Christiaan Erasmus
Mike The Pilot 2 c (14 Aug) Lakahal Kahal 50k Ty (SI 0.41) St John Gray
Maritime Flag 2 c (13 Oct) Water Is Gold Rich Man's Gold 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Pm Racing
National Flag 2 c (20 Sep) Sheer Brilliance Kahal 35k Ty (SI 0.28) Paul Lafferty Racing
Flag Bearer 2 c (31 Oct) Revoltee Indian Danehill 30k Ty (SI 0.24) Christopher Kelly
Metallic Gold 2 c (24 Aug) Dreya's Gold Miesque's Approval 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Garth Puller Racing
Rare Flag 2 c (20 Sep) Countess Kinsky Kahal 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Colley Street Properties
18Celestial Cloud 1 c (24 Sep) Celestial Cloud Invincible Spirit Withdrawn
18Her Ladyship 1 c (5 Nov) Her Ladyship Catbird Not Sold
Word For Word 1 c (29 Oct) Verbatim Var
Catch The Cat 2 f (26 Sep) Penthouse Mouse Cataloochee 100k Ty (SI 0.81) Gavin Smith
Kazajian 1 f (16 Sep) Rhodium Kahal 90k Ns (SI 0.29) Reonet
Magic Charm 1 f (23 Sep) Rainbow Magic Lundy's Liability 60k Ns (SI 0.2) Phillip Labuschagne
Editta 1 f (5 Aug) Singapura Cat Black Minnaloushe 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Phillip Labuschagne
Aloe Ha 2 f (19 Aug) Heliantha Count Dubois 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Roy Magner
Solo Helina 2 f (8 Sep) Infinite Wisdom Black Minnaloushe 35k Ty (SI 0.28) Lg Denysschen
Cherry Fizz 2 f (6 Sep) Antonia Major Antonius Pius 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Fortune Racing
Lauretta Mia 2 f (14 Aug) Daring Duchess Caesour 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Sharon Kotzen Racing
Blue Meteor 1 f (12 Aug) Rhythmic Roxy Requiem Withdrawn
Federica 1 f (2 Oct) Winter Fantasy Western Winter
Fidele 1 f (15 Sep) Sully's Landing Jet Master Not Sold
Flag Of Rosetta 1 f (17 Aug) Mystic Rose Fort Wood Not Sold
Flying Tessa 1 f (5 Aug) Countess Corlia Count Dubois Not Sold
Heirloom Rose 1 f (4 Nov) Bourbon Rose Requiem Not Sold
New Leaves 1 f (13 Aug) Flowers Of Spring Qui Danzig Withdrawn
Silk Garden 2 f (21 Sep) Chiffon Grey Eminence Not Sold
Sono Bella 2 f (21 Oct) Grammatica Caesour Withdrawn
Top Of The Mast 1 f (3 Sep) Nisa's Love Kahal Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Siena's Star 1 c (25 Aug) Siena's Star Argonaut 1.2m Ns (SI 3.93) Srb Plattner Farming
Billy Bazooka 1 c (3 Oct) Captured Time Capture Him 260k Ns (SI 0.85) Paul Lafferty Racing
Future Dawn 1 c (8 Sep) Blue Dawn Captain Al 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) John Freeman
Wind Sock 1 c (20 Oct) Advance Warning Strike Smartly 200k Crs (SI 2.99) S Viljoen
Cyber Time 1 c (11 Aug) Cyber Toy Modern Day 175k Bk1 (SI 0.54) Suzette Viljoen
Impact 2 c (29 Oct) Giboski Philanthropist 170k Crtr (SI 1.51) Jf
Future Prince 1 c (27 Sep) Pemba Island Trippi 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) John Freeman
So Dacha 1 c (24 Nov) Jet Princess Jet Master 150k Ns (SI 0.49) T&L Racing
Spielberg 1 c (27 Aug) Miss October Var 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) Louis Goosen
Forward Spell 1 c (13 Nov) Little Miss Magic Jet Master 140k Ns (SI 0.46) Team G Racing
Into The Storm 2 c (8 Aug) Winter's Hope Western Winter 100k Ty (SI 0.81) Dr Sw Steyn
Thefutureisbright 2 c (31 Aug) Andermatt Western Winter 100k Ty (SI 0.81) Jt Freeman
Vida Futura 1 c (7 Sep) Tempted Jallad 100k Ns (SI 0.33) J T Freeman
Future Trip 1 c (11 Oct) Tripadvisor Trippi 80k Crs (SI 1.19) S Viljoen
Raffanetti 2 c (9 Nov) Serengetti Jallad 80k Ty (SI 0.65) Azzman Racing
The Futurist 2 c (8 Nov) Black Mischief Black Minnaloushe 70k Crtr (SI 0.62) Ryd
18Devonella 2 c (31 Aug) Devonella Kahal Withdrawn
Gold Futures 1 c (5 Sep) Gold Trip Trippi Withdrawn
Xavion 2 c (27 Aug) Sharp Mistress Tamburlaine Withdrawn
Pinky Levine 2 f (12 Sep) Sweetwater Judpot 425k Ty (SI 3.46) Form Bloodstock
Grayswood Pink 1 f (29 Oct) Seat Of Power National Assembly 200k Ns (SI 0.66) Bass Racing
18Varster 2 f (14 Sep) Varster Var 160k Ty (SI 1.3) Ck Racing
Embrace Me 1 f (17 Aug) Clear Sailing Argonaut 160k Ns (SI 0.52) M Pandaram
Tinder Dry 1 f (19 Oct) Up In Smoke Noordhoek Flyer 35k Crs (SI 0.52) Fanie Bronkhorst
18darkness Bright 2 f (30 Oct) Darkness Bright West Man Withdrawn
18Highly Regal 2 f (2 Sep) Highly Regal Ideal World Not Sold
18Mia Forza 1 f (28 Sep) Mia Forza Fastnet Rock Not Sold
18Strikelli 1 f (31 Oct) Strikelli Strike Smartly Withdrawn
Dame Of Flames 1 f (12 Nov) Flaming Dame Jet Master Not Sold
Future Contract 1 f (30 Sep) Moneycantbuymelove Jallad Withdrawn
Rosy Future 1 f (28 Nov) Rubirosa Rakeen Not Sold
Three Hills 2 f (2 Sep) Trimontium Var Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Cupid 1 c (12 Oct) Cupid Jet Master 2.2m Bk1 (SI 6.74) Ei Bloodstock
Royal Guide 1 c (21 Nov) Royal Fantasy Al Mufti 1.4m Ns (SI 4.59) Form Bloodstock
Lamborghreeni 2 c (18 Oct) San Trip Trippi 1.2m Ty (SI 9.76) Team G Racing
Electric Warrior 1 c (16 Sep) Hawker Hunter Jet Master 700k Ns (SI 2.29) Bass Racing
18She's On Fire 1 c (18 Nov) She's On Fire Jet Master 550k Ns (SI 1.8) Form Bloodstock
Imperious Light 1 c (8 Aug) Imperious Star Navarone 550k Ns (SI 1.8) Form Bloodstock
Callmemrgreenlight 1 c (11 Oct) Polyphonic Judpot 480k Ns (SI 1.57) Dennis Drier
Gimme A Green Card 2 c (18 Nov) Soft Landing Jet Master 475k Ty (SI 3.86) Hollywood Syndicate
Dance To The Music 1 c (2 Nov) Dance Domain Parade Leader 420k Ns (SI 1.38) Reynolds Chung
Cosmic Highway 1 c (12 Sep) Cosmic Dream Silvano 400k Bk1 (SI 1.23) Form Bloodstock
The Green Gallant 1 c (14 Nov) Townsend Captain Al 400k Ns (SI 1.31) Frank Robinson
Green Tiger 1 c (14 Nov) Tigress Jet Master 350k Bk1 (SI 1.07) Bass Racing
18Acaciawood 1 c (9 Oct) Acaciawood Captain Al 320k Ns (SI 1.05) Form Bloodstock
Varry Green 2 c (4 Nov) Lady Var Var 305k Crtr (SI 2.71) Te
18Champers 2 c (1 Dec) Champers Restructure 300k Ty (SI 2.44) Jt Freeman
Augusta Green 1 c (7 Nov) Possible Dream Captain Al 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) Bass Racing
Silent War 1 c (21 Sep) Nona In Command Commands 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) Bass Racing
Bush Fire 2 c (10 Nov) Bushra Badger Land 280k Ty (SI 2.28) Jt Freeman
Green Vigilante 1 c (8 Sep) Spring Orchid Badger's Drift 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Victory Ticket
Lemme Go 1 c (15 Aug) Ginger Lily Doowaley 250k Ns (SI 0.82) Leon Potgieter
All The Time 2 c (23 Sep) Katie Em Fort Wood 245k Crtr (SI 2.17) Te
Happy And Glorious 2 c (24 Sep) Northern Chorus Fort Wood 180k Crtr (SI 1.6) Central Route Trading
18Miss Mischief 2 c (17 Sep) Miss Mischief Qui Danzig 160k Crtr (SI 1.42) Tm
18Nova Zembla 1 c (18 Nov) Nova Zembla Western Winter 150k Ns (SI 0.49) Central Route Trading
18Blingsta 2 c (13 Sep) Blingsta Damascus Gate 120k Ty (SI 0.98) Fabian Habib
Gimme Royalty 1 c (15 Oct) Royal Jubilee Trippi 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Normandy Stud
18Sing For Me 2 c (28 Oct) Sing For Me Galileo 85 Crtr (SI 0) Ryd
18Crimson Lane 1 c (17 Sep) Crimson Lane Street Cry Withdrawn
18Joshua's Mistress 1 c (8 Sep) Joshua's Mistress Joshua Dancer Withdrawn
About To Storm 1 c (27 Sep) Scarlet Sky Fort Wood Withdrawn
East Of The Sun 1 c (28 Oct) My Guiding Star Jallad Withdrawn
Millahue 1 c (6 Nov) Makiwara Smart Strike Withdrawn
On My Way 1 c (21 Oct) Justthewayyouare Fort Wood Not Sold
Phantomoftheforest 1 c (26 Oct) Woodland Gem Fort Wood
Sir Tallin 1 c (28 Sep) Biasca Fort Wood Withdrawn
Live My Life 1 f (25 Aug) Muamba Pure Prize 1.1m Bk1 (SI 3.37) Silver Ripples
Kwinta's Light 1 f (12 Oct) Kwinta Kahal 550k Bk1 (SI 1.69) John Freeman
18Captain's Lullaby 1 f (18 Aug) Captain's Lullaby Captain Al 460k Ns (SI 1.51) Al Khayl Breeders
Gimme That 1 f (29 Aug) Mizzen Mist Western Winter 450k Bk1 (SI 1.38) Bjorn Nielsen
Anything For Love 1 f (27 Jul) Lovely Rita Captain Al 300k Ns (SI 0.98) Dr Sw Steyn
Lights Camera 1 f (27 Sep) Jet Set Model Jet Master 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) Rainbow Beach Trading
Everglades 1 f (29 Aug) Kissimmee Jet Master 260k Ns (SI 0.85) Srb Plattner Farming
Grue Of Ice 1 f (30 Aug) Snow And Ice Western Winter 260k Ns (SI 0.85) Dippin Blu Racing
18Magnolia Lane 1 f (21 Oct) Magnolia Lane Sadler's Wells 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Ei Bloodstock
18Garden Tea Party 2 f (6 Sep) Garden Tea Party Western Winter 230k Ty (SI 1.87) Preggie Somasundram
Crimson Causeway 1 f (30 Aug) Scarlet Causeway Giant's Causeway 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) John Freeman
Dark Green 1 f (1 Aug) Dolomiti Caesour 200k Ns (SI 0.66) Vermaak Equine
Highest Honour 1 f (8 Sep) Harvard Crimson Dynasty 200k Crs (SI 2.99) Vermaak Equine
Follow Me 1 f (23 Aug) Imperial State Caesour 180k Ns (SI 0.59) Stuart Pettigrew
Putting Green 1 f (5 Sep) Castle Pine Caesour 180k Ns (SI 0.59) Azzman Racing
Prairie Falcon 1 f (29 Sep) Falconize Henrythenavigator 160k Ns (SI 0.52) Stuart Pettigrew
Hydrangea 1 f (3 Oct) Tally Blue Dixieland Band 150k Ns (SI 0.49) Rainbow Beach Trading
Tell My Fortune 1 f (9 Oct) Gypsy Madonna Fort Wood 150k Ns (SI 0.49) Dippin Blu Racing
Splash Of Green 1 f (11 Aug) Miss Gold Digger Rich Man's Gold 140k Ns (SI 0.46) Victory Ticket
Crown Plaza 1 f (20 Oct) Crown Office Horse Chestnut 130k Ns (SI 0.43) Form Bloodstock
Super Siri 1 f (20 Oct) Sirikoi Myboycharlie 125k Bk1 (SI 0.38) Snaith Racing
Green Taffety 1 f (17 Oct) Taffety Tart Trippi 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Vermaak Equine
Miss Nibbles 1 f (17 Sep) Jade Vine Argonaut 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Gavin Smith
One Night In Paris 2 f (20 Nov) Maximum Jet Jet Master 100k Ty (SI 0.81) The Fire Racing Trust
Sundrop 1 f (4 Sep) Setting Sun Western Winter 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Paul Peter Racing
Green Genie 1 f (25 Aug) Little Genie Judpot 70k Ns (SI 0.23) Vermaak Equine
Iridescent 2 f (26 Oct) Colourful Jet Jet Master 70k Ty (SI 0.57) Vanessa Williams
Warm Welcome 1 f (18 Aug) Close The Gap Fort Wood 60k Ns (SI 0.2) J T Freeman
Express Flyer 2 f (20 Oct) Mystic Express Mambo In Seattle 50k Ty (SI 0.41) Michael Rai
18bedloe's Island 1 f (13 Nov) Bedloe's Island Fort Wood Withdrawn
18Cornucopia 1 f (22 Sep) Cornucopia Fort Wood Withdrawn
18Dreaming Of Flori 1 f (16 Nov) Dreaming Of Flori Bernstein Not Sold
18Joshlin 1 f (12 Nov) Joshlin Joshua Dancer Withdrawn
18Rubicat 1 f (25 Oct) Rubicat Storm Cat Not Sold
Absolutely Positive 1 f (28 Oct) Savannah Leigh Jet Master Withdrawn
Brightandbeautiful 1 f (23 Sep) Carienda Duke Of Marmalade Withdrawn
Dancetildaylight 1 f (6 Oct) Akinfeet Fort Wood Not Sold
Guide You Home 2 f (22 Nov) Princess Of Light Var Withdrawn
Miss Gibson 1 f (12 Sep) Azarenka Windrush Not Sold
Miss Greenlight 1 f (7 Oct) Miss Respect Mark of Esteem Withdrawn
My Kind Of Girl 2 f (2 Oct) Sensible Lover Good Journey Withdrawn
Tawakoni 1 f (16 Oct) Frosty Friday Western Winter Withdrawn
Woman Of Substance 1 f (7 Nov) Strong Scent Kabool Withdrawn

Global View

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Aeroforce 1 c (31 Aug) Forsythia Strike Smartly 400k Ns (SI 1.31) Brett Crawford
Night Duty 1 c (11 Sep) Scented Ash Ashaawes 260k Ns (SI 0.85) Target Acquired Cc
Silva Viewpoint 1 c (7 Nov) Tuvana Silva Silvano 260k Ns (SI 0.85) Canine Solutions
Frederico 1 c (22 Aug) Hurricane Shelley Argonaut 240k Ns (SI 0.79) Dennis Drier
Global Forests 1 c (31 Oct) Bretton Woods Casey Tibbs 200k Ns (SI 0.66) Glen Kotzen
Legal Agent 1 c (6 Aug) Prying Dubawi 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) Hollywood Syndicate
Forest Call 1 c (31 Aug) Fairy Queen Lecture 190k Ns (SI 0.62) Gavin Smith
Global Vista 2 c (15 Aug) Alexis Dynasty 190k Crtr (SI 1.69) Tm
Rule Book 1 c (24 Aug) Reputable Medicean 190k Ns (SI 0.62) A G Racing
Sardo Numspa 2 c (18 Nov) Jet Park Jet Master 190k Ty (SI 1.55) Mgas Bloodstock
Global Design 2 c (7 Nov) Arabian Design Al Mufti 180k Ty (SI 1.46) Gavin Smith
Tabebuia 1 c (13 Nov) Laurel Tree Fort Wood 180k Ns (SI 0.59) Team G Racing
Channal Isle 2 c (5 Oct) Aylesbury Rakeen 170k Ty (SI 1.38) Michael Roberts
Captain's View 1 c (21 Sep) Captain's Heart Captain Al 160k Ns (SI 0.52) Garth Puller Racing
Mr Livingston 1 c (11 Oct) Angel Bells Labeeb 150k Crs (SI 2.24) Paul Peter Racing
Going Global 2 c (20 Aug) Kumiko Silvano 130k Ty (SI 1.06) Dj Shipping
Global Beat 1 c (12 Sep) Energia Elegante Agnes Gold 120k Ns (SI 0.39) Pine Lodge Stud
Secret Link 1 c (16 Sep) Speciale War Chant 120k Ns (SI 0.39) Tawny Syndicate
Red Roamer 2 c (14 Aug) Wiqaaya Red Ransom 110k Ty (SI 0.89) Chris Santos
Main Quest 1 c (21 Oct) Al Bella Al Mufti 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Louis Goosen Racing
18Ballymaloe 1 c (22 Oct) Ballymaloe Var 80k Ns (SI 0.26) Glen Kotzen
Bella Musica 2 c (29 Aug) Nine West Fort Wood 80k Ty (SI 0.65) T&L Racing
Show The Love 1 c (3 Nov) Blue Swift Redoute's Choice 80k Bk1 (SI 0.25) Lovinglife Stables
Crystal City 2 c (22 Jul) Crystal Glitter Zamindar 60k Ty (SI 0.49) Pine Lodge Stud
18Southern Dixie 2 c (25 Oct) Southern Dixie Parade Leader 50k Ty (SI 0.41) Stuart Pettigrew
Global Mark 2 c (19 Oct) Markofdistinction Mogok 50k Ty (SI 0.41) Dj Shipping
Lockheed Electra 1 c (5 Nov) Duncton Quest Kabool 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Garth Puller Racing
Quade 1 c (23 Aug) Galadriel Horse Chestnut 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Basanthram Rajhununan
Global Perspective 2 c (16 Nov) Lizard's Affair Lizard Island 25k Ty (SI 0.2) Sharon Kotzen Racing
18Flash Mcqueen 1 c (24 Aug) Flash Mcqueen Black Minnaloushe 15k Crs (SI 0.22) P Kruyer
18Val De Vie 2 c (3 Sep) Val De Vie Goldmark Not Sold
Ideal View 2 c (12 Oct) Idaho Ideal World Withdrawn
Satoshi 1 c (26 Oct) Cyber Lady National Emblem Withdrawn
Mychancetodream 1 f (24 Aug) Silvery Dream Silvano 240k Crs (SI 3.58) Paul Peter Racing
Eastern Belle 1 f (30 Aug) Eastern Glamour Fort Wood 225k Bk1 (SI 0.69) Corne Spies Racing
Global Avenue 1 f (12 Sep) Avenue Of Gold Albert Hall 220k Ns (SI 0.72) Srb Plattner Farming
Bail Me Out 1 f (29 Sep) Bank On The Run Black Minnaloushe 210k Ns (SI 0.69) Brett Crawford
La Martina 2 f (13 Sep) Martita Gone West 200k Ty (SI 1.63) Corne Spies Racing
Sound Check 1 f (17 Oct) Rexana National Assembly 160k Ns (SI 0.52) Pine Lodge Stud
Western View 2 f (3 Nov) West Wacker Western Winter 160k Ty (SI 1.3) Corne Spies Racing
Coral Dawn 1 f (17 Oct) Coral Tree Rich Man's Gold 110k Ns (SI 0.36) Tawny Syndicate
Fiorenza 1 f (25 Jul) Kanara Silvano 80k Ns (SI 0.26) Bloodstock Investments
Global Secret 2 f (27 Sep) Kwacha Tiger Ridge 80k Ty (SI 0.65) Andre Van Bassen
Arabian Sky 2 f (29 Aug) Arabian Jazz Danehill Dancer 70k Ty (SI 0.57) Stuart Pettigrew
Chocolate Ruffles 2 f (16 Oct) Spellfire Sail From Seattle 60k Ty (SI 0.49) Gavin Smith
Baci Mondo 2 f (23 Sep) Cupid's Kiss Jet Master 45k Ty (SI 0.37) Gavin Smith
Mary Kate 2 f (13 Aug) Grand Mary Kyllachy 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Ian Sanne
Hey Smarty 2 f (8 Nov) Stan's Smarty Girl Smarty Jones 35k Ty (SI 0.28) Vanessa Williams
18zundra 1 f (6 Nov) Zundra Count Dubois
Elisa 2 f (9 Oct) Money Penny Silvano Withdrawn
Global Goddess 1 f (22 Sep) Jet Danza Jet Master Withdrawn
Global Louise 1 f (1 Nov) Vita-Louise Al Mufti
Global Prospect 2 f (16 Sep) Autumn Breeze Al Mufti Withdrawn
Lifes Journey 2 f (2 Sep) Golden Pathway Victory Moon Withdrawn
View The Roses 2 f (10 Oct) Tree Flag Classic Flag Withdrawn

Go Deputy

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Bravestone 2 c (24 Oct) La Strada Windrush 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Barbara Kennedy
18Welsh Parade 2 c (17 Oct) Welsh Parade Parade Leader Withdrawn
De Mist 2 c (13 Nov) Dover Beach Mullins Bay Not Sold
Panchita 1 f (24 Aug) Parfait National Emblem 80k Ns (SI 0.26) S Viljoen

Great Britain

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Great Ecstasy 2 c (18 Sep) Ecstatic Ashtontown 300k Ty (SI 2.44) Stephanus Mynhardt
Carrisbrooke 2 c (6 Oct) Sharp Performer Al Mufti 70k Ty (SI 0.57) J Brier
Great Times 2 c (2 Nov) Times Remembered Captain Al 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Chris Santos
True Brit 2 c (7 Nov) Pure Silver Silvano 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Corne Spies Racing
Trafalgar Square 2 c (5 Nov) London Dipper London News 15k Ty (SI 0.12) World Wide Bloodstock Za
Greatclubqueen 2 f (17 Nov) Sheztheclubqueen Fan Club's Mister 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Louis Goosen Racing
Bobbety Boo 2 f (25 Sep) Bibbety Bobbety Silvano 20k Ty (SI 0.16) Sharon Kotzen Racing
American Dame 2 f (9 Sep) Dame Dubois Count Dubois 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Louis Goosen Racing
Queen's Navy 2 f (15 Nov) Musical Hit Strike Smartly 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Christiaan Erasmus
American Silk 2 f (3 Nov) Silken Silvano Not Sold

Greys Inn

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Barneys Pride 2 c (10 Nov) Delta Lioness Thunder Gulch 100k Ty (SI 0.81) Tyrone Barnard
18miss Scaramanga 1 c (12 Oct) Miss Scaramanga Second Empire 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Mk Naidoo
18Distinta Wells 2 c (3 Sep) Distinta Wells Poliglote 15k Ty (SI 0.12) St John Gray
18aspen Fire 2 c (10 Sep) Aspen Fire Go Deputy Withdrawn
18koboshi 2 c (31 Oct) Koboshi Caesour Withdrawn
18silver Alloy 1 c (14 Oct) Silver Alloy Silvano Withdrawn
Guy Alexander 1 c (23 Oct) Ibrox Park Camden Park Withdrawn
Hearts Thunder 2 c (5 Oct) Heart Of Destiny Danzero Not Sold
Litigation 1 c (29 Aug) Jeter Jet Master Withdrawn
Stolen Thunder 1 c (8 Aug) Promise Of Rain Dynasty Withdrawn
18idilic Charm 1 f (22 Sep) Idilic Charm In The Money Withdrawn
18river Pride 1 f (21 Sep) River Pride Mellifont Withdrawn
Hooray Henrietta 1 f (7 Oct) King's Secret King of Kings Withdrawn
Short Sharp Shock 1 f (21 Sep) Gibson Girl Doowaley Withdrawn

Harry Hall

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18tree Of Perfection 2 f (27 Aug) Tree Of Perfection Toreador Not Sold

Ideal World

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Jouez 2 c (29 Sep) Jouez Jay Peg 300k Ty (SI 2.44) Form Bloodstock
Hinckley 2 c (19 Aug) Sea Cat Var 280k Ty (SI 2.28) Form Bloodstock
Monsoon Kenny 1 c (9 Oct) Temperate Lady Western Winter 220k Ns (SI 0.72) Preggie Somasundrum
Romanee Conti 1 c (20 Sep) National Sensation National Assembly 220k Ns (SI 0.72) Glen Kotzen
Tullamore Dew 2 c (25 Aug) Carraig Aonair Fastnet Rock 200k Ty (SI 1.63) Chamarel Racing Syndicate
Siya Vuma 1 c (13 Sep) Reigning Queen King of Kings 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) Cowe F And Wm
18Timetogoby 2 c (14 Aug) Timetogoby Damascus Gate 80k Ty (SI 0.65) Piet Botha
Leeson 1 c (17 Oct) Plaisance Mullins Bay 80k Ns (SI 0.26) T&L Racing
Lingua Franca 1 c (3 Oct) Hettie Rakeen 70k Ns (SI 0.23) Dippin Blu Racing
Peace In Our World 1 c (27 Aug) Our Lady Peace Horse Chestnut 70k Ns (SI 0.23) Gavin Smith
Electronic Media 1 c (26 Sep) Media Gold London News 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Global Cables
Larabanga 1 c (5 Aug) Zingara Danehill Dancer 45k Crs (SI 0.67) P Botha
Country Ice 2 c (11 Oct) Iceonic Count Dubois 30k Ty (SI 0.24) Garth Puller Racing
18Denschogar 2 c (26 Sep) Denschogar Al Mufti 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Equine Speculators
Do Si Do 1 f (14 Sep) Square Dance Oasis Dream 220k Ns (SI 0.72) Applewood Trading (Pty) Ltd
Natasia 2 f (25 Sep) Vera Silvano 110k Ty (SI 0.89) Shane Humby
High Flyby 2 f (21 Oct) Fly High Habub 90k Ty (SI 0.73) Corne Spies Racing
Maria's World 2 f (13 Oct) What About Maria Judpot 35k Ty (SI 0.28) Form Bloodstock
18paxmak 2 f (18 Sep) Paxmak Makaarem 30k Ty (SI 0.24) Heversham Park Stud
Song Of Angels 2 f (2 Sep) Angel Flight Fahal 25k Ty (SI 0.2) J Vermeulen
Ideal Hostess 1 f (4 Nov) Key Hostess Fort Wood 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Paul Barrett
Girl Scout 1 f (9 Aug) Joan Ranger Horse Chestnut Not Sold
Golden Grove 1 f (28 Sep) Royal Purse King of Kings Withdrawn
Yemaya 1 f (11 Oct) Seven Suns Jet Master Withdrawn

Imperial Stride

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Dark Fury 2 f (4 Oct) Black Shadow Saumarez Not Sold

Indigo Magic

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Astrocyte 2 c (3 Sep) Zinthle Silvano 50k Ty (SI 0.41) Ian Sanne


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Twice As Nice 1 c (17 Oct) Twice As Nice Twice Over 225k Bk1 (SI 0.69) John Freeman
18pearl Hostess 2 c (16 Nov) Pearl Hostess Elliodor 80k Crtr (SI 0.71) Rm
18Pure Class 1 c (12 Oct) Pure Class Jet Master 60k Crs (SI 0.9) P Botha
Billionaire 2 c (8 Sep) Even Money Rich Man's Gold 50k Crtr (SI 0.44) Tm
Jack's Jamboree 2 c (10 Sep) Swinging Jet Jet Master 50k Ty (SI 0.41) Brett Crawford
18she Wolff 1 c (28 Aug) She Wolff Captain Al 35k Crs (SI 0.52) Mark Dixon
Movelikejackson 1 c (30 Aug) Alliance Danehill Dancer 35k Crs (SI 0.52) Fanie Bronkhorst
Triton 2 c (31 Oct) Gilded Moon Wolfhound 20k Crtr (SI 0.18) Jagpty
18Gal Mufti 2 c (22 Nov) Gal Mufti Al Mufti 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Chris Santos
Gold Collection 2 c (7 Nov) Gold Shelter Goldkeeper Not Sold
Greek Myth 1 c (24 Aug) Lady Of The Fleece Argonaut Not Sold
Jack Tarr 2 c (5 Sep) Miss Varlocity Var Not Sold
Jackanapes 2 c (5 Nov) Strike The Flame Strike Smartly Not Sold
Three Card Trick 2 c (17 Oct) Smart Colleen Strike Smartly Withdrawn
Wreath Of Roses 2 f (9 Sep) Sauna's Rose Tamburlaine 75k Ty (SI 0.61) Paul Gadsby
Somethin Special 1 f (4 Sep) Fly All Day Jet Master 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Paul Lafferty Racing
Eleodoro 2 f (4 Nov) Lunar Lady Victory Moon 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Geoff Woodruff Racing
Penny Trumpet 2 f (7 Sep) Valminoushe Black Minnaloushe 35k Ty (SI 0.28) Jt Freeman
Stroke This 2 f (22 Aug) Tigeress Dance Tiger Dance 35k Ty (SI 0.28) Crawford Rix Racing
Kailene 1 f (9 Nov) Fanzene National Emblem 30k Crs (SI 0.45) Glen Kotzen
Bellisima Bella 2 f (22 Aug) Bella's Empire Oratorio 20k Ty (SI 0.16) L De Haast
If You Please 1 f (5 Oct) Black Velvet Var 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Crawford Rix Racing
18girl's Best Friend 1 f (13 Aug) Girl's Best Friend Trippi Withdrawn
18puss In Boots 1 f (2 Sep) Puss In Boots Black Minnaloushe Not Sold
Abalus 2 f (28 Aug) Baltia Var Not Sold
Graphene Aerogel 1 f (31 Oct) Milesanmore Jet Master Not Sold
Jackie Sparks 1 f (17 Sep) Electric Indigo Indigo Magic Not Sold
Moonlit Ruby 2 f (9 Nov) Ruby Heart Western Winter Not Sold
Rocket Woman 2 f (2 Nov) Korea Silvano Not Sold
Rockie Reef 2 f (25 Sep) Rockie Bright Rock of Gibraltar Not Sold
Thrilla 1 f (14 Aug) Colour Magic Jay Peg Not Sold

Jay Peg

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Fibber Magee 1 c (22 Aug) Tutta Magee Elusive Quality Not Sold
Cashew 2 f (9 Oct) Spy Girl Captain Al 200k Ty (SI 1.63) W Badenhorst
18baby Be Mine 1 f (10 Oct) Baby Be Mine Tobe Or Nottobe Not Sold
Dynamite Peg 2 f (20 Aug) Dynamite Casey Casey Tibbs Not Sold
Guard Of Honour 1 f (9 Aug) Sheena's Palace Exceed And Excel Not Sold
Jayandri 2 f (10 Nov) Chariya Cape Cross Not Sold
Jaytara 2 f (14 Sep) Katara Silvano Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Prominence 1 c (5 Sep) Seven Veils Rich Man's Gold 160k Ns (SI 0.52) David Ferraris
Soaring Kite 1 c (25 Sep) Kite Runner Kabool 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Azzman Racing
Uummannaq 1 c (15 Sep) Winter Wood Western Winter 100k Crs (SI 1.49) Hollywood Syndicate
Pottinger 1 c (24 Oct) Ondina Caesour 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Paul Peter Racing
Playthatfunkymusic 2 c (20 Oct) Comebackanddance Jallad Not Sold
Black Pot 1 f (20 Aug) Black Flame Silvano 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Dippin Blu Racing
Miss Otis 2 f (13 Aug) Aunt Polly Gimmethegreenlight 50k Ty (SI 0.41) Azzman Racing
Cap Estel 2 f (22 Aug) Miss Cap d'Ail Invincible Spirit 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Azzman Racing
18crystal Bay 2 f (9 Oct) Crystal Bay Western Winter Not Sold
18fortification 2 f (24 Oct) Fortification Fort Wood Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Eagle River 1 c (28 Aug) Esterel Var Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18galaxy Gal 2 c (3 Nov) Galaxy Gal Encosta de Lago 150k Ty (SI 1.22) Kp Racing
Galaktoboureko 2 c (29 Sep) Hameeya Dylan Thomas 55k Ty (SI 0.45) Jt Freeman
Infinite Peace 1 c (16 Aug) Galla Placidia Trippi Withdrawn
18princess Salme 1 f (26 Sep) Princess Salme Silvano 260k Ns (SI 0.85) Form Bloodstock


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Master Of Law 1 c (6 Aug) Jackie O Western Winter 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) Mark Sham
Runaway Song 1 c (7 Oct) Miss Priss Spectrum 220k Ns (SI 0.72) Jane Thomas
One Day Or Day One 1 c (22 Aug) Tippy Toe Tiger Ridge Not Sold
18Paper Nautilus 2 f (3 Sep) Paper Nautilus Western Winter 150k Ty (SI 1.22) Jt Freeman
Special Plea 2 f (7 Sep) Countess Larish Cozzene 85k Ty (SI 0.69) Barend Botes
18miss Delish 1 f (11 Oct) Miss Delish Jallad Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Goldrun 2 c (31 Oct) Goldrun Rich Man's Gold Not Sold
18Suzie 2 c (1 Dec) Suzie Rich Man's Gold Not Sold
Sevastopol 2 c (8 Oct) Gusheshe Exceed And Excel Not Sold
18Rainbow Red 2 f (31 Aug) Rainbow Red Krusenstern 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Sharon Kotzen Racing
18Salishan 2 f (24 Oct) Salishan Parade Leader Not Sold

Louis The King

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Cashing In 1 c (23 Oct) Casha Stronghold 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Gavin Smith
King Of Colts 1 c (26 Aug) Picardi Pink Western Winter 75k Bk1 (SI 0.23) Geoffrey Woodruff
A Kings Return 2 c (5 Nov) Ntombe Stratum 20k Crtr (SI 0.18) Jagpty
Capture The Castle 2 c (23 Oct) Danseuse Joshua Dancer Not Sold
Khaleesi's Gold 1 c (17 Sep) Bursary Lundy's Liability Withdrawn
King Magnus 1 c (4 Oct) Baltic Fury Qui Danzig Not Sold
Run Like A King 1 c (2 Aug) Ilium Ideal World Not Sold
Top Man 2 c (23 Oct) Miss Lovita Sportsworld Not Sold
Lemon Pepper 1 f (8 Aug) Spice Girl Var 125k Bk1 (SI 0.38) Sorrento Stud
Louis' Diamond 2 f (13 Sep) Hope Downs Fort Wood 100k Crtr (SI 0.89) Delboy53
Temple Bar 1 f (8 Aug) Light Of Dawn Trippi 50k Crs (SI 0.75) Vermaak Equine
Waymaker 1 f (27 Aug) Sacred Hills Kildonan 30k Crs (SI 0.45) Gavin Smith
18Princess Eleanor 2 f (9 Aug) Princess Eleanor Horse Chestnut 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Fortune Racing
Spirit Of St Louis 1 f (8 Aug) Variety Spirit Var Not Sold

Mambo In Seattle

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Stateofusa 2 c (19 Oct) Tiptol Silvano 120k Ty (SI 0.98) Gee Racing

Master Of My Fate

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Light Blue 2 c (16 Oct) Light Blue Captain Al 325k Ty (SI 2.64) Howells Racing
Red Sole 1 c (3 Sep) Red Label Solskjaer 320k Ns (SI 1.05) Dennis Drier
African Fate 2 c (9 Sep) Savannah Air Western Winter 300k Crtr (SI 2.66) Central Route Trading
Estival 1 c (1 Aug) Summer Cruise Sail From Seattle 280k Ns (SI 0.92) Dennis Drier
Fate Of Fortune 1 c (6 Aug) Marcheline Western Winter 260k Ns (SI 0.85) Pjs Business Trust
Zapatillas 1 c (9 Aug) Moggytwoshoes Mogok 260k Ns (SI 0.85) J T Freeman
Gem King 1 c (6 Sep) Gem Queen Damascus Gate 250k Crs (SI 3.73) Elp Steyn
18Lemon Tea 2 c (13 Aug) Lemon Tea Lateral 230k Ty (SI 1.87) Nathan Kotzen
18Balkan 2 c (14 Aug) Balkan Horse Chestnut 220k Ty (SI 1.79) Dennis Drier
Thunder Master 2 c (24 Oct) Heliane Captain Al 210k Ty (SI 1.71) Bass Racing
18Nature Girl 2 c (22 Oct) Nature Girl Silvano 200k Ty (SI 1.63) A Rivalland
Colour Master 2 c (6 Oct) Velvet Hue National Assembly 200k Ty (SI 1.63) Yogas Govender Racing
One For The Master 2 c (1 Aug) Cascadia Sail From Seattle 200k Ty (SI 1.63) Hollywood Syndicate
Absolute Value 1 c (12 Sep) Idler Fort Wood 120k Ns (SI 0.39) Fabian Habib
Tout A Fait 1 c (5 Sep) La Chouette Western Winter 120k Crs (SI 1.79) Jt Freeman
18Iris And Ruby 1 c (17 Aug) Iris And Ruby Counter Action 100k Bk1 (SI 0.31) Allan Bloodlines
First Rain 1 c (10 Aug) Between Raindrops Black Minnaloushe 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Gmb Investments
My Master 1 c (15 Aug) All Mine Var 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Tawny Syndicate
Grand Destiny 1 c (19 Oct) Haizi Kahal 80k Ns (SI 0.26) S Viljoen
Secret Honour 2 c (28 Oct) Als Secret Captain Al 75k Ty (SI 0.61) Hollywood Syndicate
Illicit Kiss 2 c (28 Oct) Kiss And Tell Spectrum 70k Ty (SI 0.57) Glen Kotzen
Master Striker 1 c (17 Aug) English Willow Rich Man's Gold 70k Ns (SI 0.23) Chris Santos
18Farzana 2 c (4 Sep) Farzana Nadeem 60k Ty (SI 0.49) Yogas Govender Racing
Master Of Change 2 c (7 Sep) Chancane Captain Al 60k Ty (SI 0.49) Cola Jumat
18Its Freezing 1 c (26 Sep) Its Freezing Judpot 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Brett Crawford
Master Of The Wind 2 c (21 Oct) Magical Dynasty Dynasty 30k Ty (SI 0.24) Marthinus Prinsloo
Fateful Day 2 c (7 Oct) Lantana Lady Captain Al 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Team G Racing
Master Of Time 1 c (13 Aug) Winter Hazel Western Winter 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Paul Barrett
18National Seeker 2 c (7 Nov) National Seeker National Assembly Not Sold
Destiny Calls 1 c (30 Aug) Destiny Dancer What A Winter Withdrawn
Mr Master Starter 1 c (12 Aug) Wild Liasion Captain Al
Margin Call 1 f (27 Aug) Secret Obsession Captain Al 675k Ns (SI 2.21) J T Freeman
Peut Etre Moi 1 f (2 Sep) Possibly Me Captain Al 360k Ns (SI 1.18) J T Freeman
Call It Fate 1 f (21 Aug) Menorah Var 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) John Freeman
Hollywoodbound 1 f (16 Aug) Miss Kiri Jallad 200k Ns (SI 0.66) Roy Magner
Paityns Pride 1 f (30 Oct) Travel Up Front Western Winter 200k Ns (SI 0.66) Ck Racing
Rising Fenix 2 f (13 Sep) Wicked Lass Captain Al 160k Ty (SI 1.3) Dean Kannemeyer Racing
Shell Seeker 2 f (3 Nov) Witsand Fort Wood 130k Ty (SI 1.06) Mark Dixon
Fortune Isle 1 f (3 Sep) Elysian Gem Windrush 110k Crs (SI 1.64) Hollywood Syndicate
Bella Marina 1 f (9 Aug) Flashing Star Muhtafal 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Corne Spies Racing
Catalonian Queen 1 f (17 Aug) Captain's Catch Captain Al 100k Crs (SI 1.49) Hollywood Syndicate
Fatefully Yours 2 f (12 Oct) Lady Windsor Al Mufti 100k Ty (SI 0.81) Geoff Woodruff Racing
Secretary Of State 1 f (13 Sep) Kalimba Western Winter 100k Bk1 (SI 0.31) Glen Kotzen
Fashionigma 1 f (20 Sep) All About Style Hawk Wing 80k Ns (SI 0.26) Rainbow Beach Trading
Freedom Of Choice 1 f (30 Sep) Susanna Tiger Ridge 80k Crs (SI 1.19) Paul Peter Racing
Siever's Point 2 f (26 Aug) Sapsan Lateral 80k Ty (SI 0.65) Sharon Kotzen Racing
Rompin Stompin 1 f (2 Nov) Rollicking Romp Qui Danzig 70k Ns (SI 0.23) F Bronkhorst
Scottadito 1 f (11 Aug) Full Regalia Captain Al 65k Crs (SI 0.97) Spies Racing Cc
Crackdown 1 f (6 Sep) Crackpot Judpot 40k Crs (SI 0.6) Fanie Bronkhorst
Goddess Of Light 1 f (11 Oct) Light My Candle Silvano 40k Crs (SI 0.6) Paul Peter Racing
Angel Of Justice 2 f (1 Aug) Angel Witch Parade Leader 30k Ty (SI 0.24) Ck Racing
Code Zero 1 f (20 Oct) Sunset Sails Al Mufti 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Ballymacash Racing
18figure Eight Knot 1 f (11 Sep) Figure Eight Knot Captain Al Not Sold
18luna De Victoria 1 f (23 Oct) Luna De Victoria Victory Moon Withdrawn
Bellevarde 1 f (24 Aug) High Season Judpot Withdrawn
Masters Queen 1 f (21 Oct) Tamora Western Winter Withdrawn
Silky Secret 2 f (24 Oct) Vanilla Silk Al Mufti Not Sold
Tankwa Star 2 f (16 Oct) Paradise Square Cataloochee Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Mr Hyde 2 c (11 Sep) Take The Lead Al Mufti 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Sharon Kotzen Racing
18sunrise In Africa 2 c (15 Sep) Sunrise In Africa Trippi Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18turquoise Water 2 f (1 Sep) Turquoise Water Authorized 15k Ty (SI 0.12) J Brier

Noble Tune

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Noble Piper 2 c (27 Sep) Skweleti Lundy's Liability 70k Ty (SI 0.57) Hollywood Syndicate
Waiting For Summer 1 c (5 Sep) Summer To Remember Dynasty 70k Crs (SI 1.04) Equine Admin
Count Cresta 2 c (30 Aug) Cresta Western Winter 50k Ty (SI 0.41) Willson Coates
Noble Sniper 1 c (9 Aug) Bulleteer Jet Master 25k Crs (SI 0.37) Geoff Woodruff
Broadway Tune 1 c (15 Oct) Regardstobroadway Var 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Ballymacash Racing
Noble Trip 1 c (31 Aug) Trippitango Trippi 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Rathmor Stud
Snow Tune 2 f (9 Aug) Winter Feast Western Winter 55k Ty (SI 0.45) Michael Roberts
Noble Grace 1 f (24 Sep) Chiquita Western Winter 20k Crs (SI 0.3) Jt Freeman
Lofty Spirit 2 f (19 Nov) Icy Spirit Western Winter 27 Crtr (SI 0) Fb20
Zilital 2 f (5 Oct) Zante Ideal World Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Ovation 1 c (21 Oct) Minelli Elliodor 700k Ns (SI 2.29) Bass Racing
West Point 1 c (13 Oct) A Daughters Legacy Windrush 625k Bk1 (SI 1.91) Rathmor Stud
It's About Time 1 c (1 Sep) Full Moon Rising Second Empire 400k Bk1 (SI 1.23) Suzette Viljoen
State Your Case 1 c (20 Aug) Madame Justice Dynasty 130k Ns (SI 0.43) Central Route Trading
Bluff On Bluff 2 c (22 Nov) Double Bluff Kahir Almaydan Withdrawn
Gifted Gal 1 f (5 Nov) Academia Western Winter 250k Ns (SI 0.82) David Nieuwenhuizen
Rio's Kiss 2 f (22 Oct) Passionate Kiss Fort Wood 140k Ty (SI 1.14) Gold Star Stud
Bay Breeze 1 f (5 Aug) Approach Me Right Approach Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Keep It Secret 1 c (30 Sep) Tickle My Fancy Fort Wood 275k Bk1 (SI 0.84) John Freeman
Passage Of Power 2 c (23 Nov) Action Replay Jet Master 120k Ty (SI 0.98) Preggie Somasundram
Brave Voyager 2 c (2 Sep) Duchess Delight Fort Wood 80k Ty (SI 0.65) World Wide Bloodstock Za
Goethe 2 c (13 Aug) Bint Susu Singspiel 70k Ty (SI 0.57) Brett Crawford
Path Of Destiny 1 c (29 Sep) Golden Pass Judpot 70k Ns (SI 0.23) A Marcus Racing
Trade War 1 c (13 Sep) Bellotto Flash Bellotto 60k Ns (SI 0.2) Nathan Kotzen
Chollima 1 c (13 Sep) Chillon Silvano 50k Crs (SI 0.75) Glen Kotzen
Cross Examiner 2 c (16 Nov) Clematis Silvano 50k Crtr (SI 0.44) Ra
18Goose Valley 1 c (12 Oct) Goose Valley Right Approach 15k Crs (SI 0.22) P Botha
Dozen Forks 2 c (6 Nov) Twelve Tables Caesour 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Blue Grass Trading
Back To You 1 c (9 Sep) Super Model National Assembly Not Sold
Celestial Magma 1 c (24 Nov) Flowing Stars Western Winter Withdrawn
Tintoretta 2 f (9 Sep) Slightly Blonde Indigo Magic 110k Ty (SI 0.89) Jt Freeman
Sweet Mary Jane 2 f (30 Sep) Solar Blaze Jet Master 90k Ty (SI 0.73) Jt Freeman
Pot Sox 1 f (29 Oct) Right Call Point Given 60k Ns (SI 0.2) Sharon Kotzen Racing
Path Fairy 2 f (19 Sep) Young Caesour Caesour 45k Ty (SI 0.37) Dennis Cason
18dvina 1 f (25 Aug) Dvina Tara's Halls 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Greg Ennion
18burnt Sienna 2 f (13 Nov) Burnt Sienna Western Winter 27 Crtr (SI 0) Ra
Shikoku 1 f (9 Aug) Fair Rosalind Count Dubois Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Spinnekopbos 1 c (5 Oct) Serruria Galileo 60k Ns (SI 0.2) Team G Racing
Benefactress 2 f (22 Aug) Genoa Sail From Seattle 50k Ty (SI 0.41) J Vermeulen
Eshraaq 2 f (22 Oct) Al Hawraa New Approach 45k Ty (SI 0.37) T&L Racing


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Al Shiba 1 c (18 Oct) Al Shiba Al Mufti 480k Ns (SI 1.57) Form Bloodstock
Groomedtowin 1 c (18 Sep) For The Lads Trippi 400k Bk1 (SI 1.23) Rainbow Beach Trading
Indelible 1 c (14 Sep) Memorable Galileo 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) Rainbow Beach Trading
18dayla 2 c (28 Sep) Dayla Western Winter 220k Crtr (SI 1.95) Central Route Trading
18Al Zahra 1 c (2 Oct) Al Zahra Al Mufti 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) Central Route Trading
18Gorgeous Al 2 c (3 Nov) Gorgeous Al Captain Al 200k Ty (SI 1.63) Form Bloodstock
Love On Time 1 c (4 Aug) Easy In Love Cape Blanco 120k Ns (SI 0.39) Jane Thomas
18Pippi 2 c (1 Nov) Pippi Greys Inn 110k Ty (SI 0.89) Nathan Kotzen
18Crissy Sanchez 1 c (22 Sep) Crissy Sanchez Toreador 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Ck Racing
Pomodoro Hills 2 c (2 Aug) Hollywood Hills Silvano 90k Ty (SI 0.73) Sean Tarry Racing
18Epsom Downs 1 c (11 Oct) Epsom Downs Tiger Ridge 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Central Route Trading
18Real Flight 1 c (21 Sep) Real Flight Jay Peg 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Hemel N Aarde Stud
Run For The Sun 1 c (7 Oct) Run For Revelry Fort Beluga 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Primat Construction Cc
18Escudo 2 c (8 Oct) Escudo Dynasty Withdrawn
Barzalona 1 c (17 Oct) Als Bonanza Captain Al Withdrawn
Tomato Timer 1 c (11 Oct) Impressive Rock Rock of Gibraltar Not Sold
Walking The Wire 2 c (5 Sep) Airbound Trippi Not Sold
Chase The Stars 1 f (9 Sep) Missmasala Captain Al 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) John Kramer
Jolie Juliette 1 f (11 Aug) Capulette Captain Al 70k Ns (SI 0.23) Garth Puller Racing
18Artistic Rock 1 f (19 Oct) Artistic Rock Rock of Gibraltar 50k Crs (SI 0.75) Paul Peter Racing
18Twin Aspens 2 f (10 Nov) Twin Aspens Fort Wood 30k Ty (SI 0.24) Corne Spies Racing
18nutcracker Sweet 1 f (1 Nov) Nutcracker Sweet Albert Hall Withdrawn
18Rainy Day 2 f (21 Sep) Rainy Day Stronghold Withdrawn
Escape Artist 1 f (29 Sep) Elusive Spirit Caesour Withdrawn
Red Carpet Girl 1 f (11 Nov) Southern Lights Captain Al Withdrawn
She's Daddy's Girl 1 f (28 Oct) Shepherd's Delight Warm White Night Not Sold

Potala Palace

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Purple Flame 1 c (18 Sep) Purple Orchid Dr Fong 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Dippin Blu Racing
18Starsinhiseyes 1 f (2 Sep) Starsinhiseyes Count Dubois 320k Ns (SI 1.05) Jane Thomas
18Marry For Money 1 f (16 Nov) Marry For Money Hard Up 50k Crs (SI 0.75) Ballymacash Racing
Moving Spirit 1 f (14 Oct) Xilomante Special Nash 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Bluegrass Trading


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Good Grace 2 c (15 Sep) Good Grace Silvano 120k Ty (SI 0.98) Colley Street Properties
Casero 2 c (20 Aug) High Days Var 80k Ty (SI 0.65) Howells Racing
Atlantic City 2 c (7 Aug) Gilded Tigress Tiger Ridge 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Jt Freeman
Equillo 1 c (1 Sep) Equina Silvano Not Sold
Lyrics To Love 2 c (13 Oct) Love Galore Al Mufti Withdrawn
Quasiforsure 1 c (8 Sep) Surefire Count Dubois Withdrawn
Maiden's Cove 1 f (18 Aug) Malata Beach Count Dubois 90k Crs (SI 1.34) Paul Peter Racing
Miss Putin 1 f (2 Aug) Yekaterina Gimmethegreenlight 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Pound Bloodstock


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Polychromatic 1 c (5 Oct) Polychromatic Black Minnaloushe 675k Ns (SI 2.21) Pine Lodge Stud
Sequoia 1 c (12 Nov) Shasta Daisy Rakeen 650k Ns (SI 2.13) Form Bloodstock
Kalahari Ferrari 1 c (30 Oct) Kinematic Countess Count Dubois 425k Bk1 (SI 1.3) John Freeman
Que Shiraz 1 c (18 Oct) Shira Captain Al 375k Bk1 (SI 1.15) John Freeman
Sheldon 1 c (12 Sep) Scintilla Silvano 325k Bk1 (SI 1) Pound Bloodstock
Canada Square 1 c (21 Sep) Isle Of Dogs Strike Smartly 300k Ns (SI 0.98) Sands Racing Stables Cc
Debonair 1 c (9 Sep) Daily Flight Jet Master 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) John Freeman
New York New York 1 c (31 Aug) Impress Me Al Mufti 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) G Bortz
18Bejewelled Spring 2 c (12 Nov) Bejewelled Spring Elliodor 220k Ty (SI 1.79) Stephanus Mynhardt
Activo 1 c (9 Oct) Bell Heather Count Dubois 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) Snaith Racing
Hendo Shuffle 1 c (1 Sep) Jabulani Jive Jallad 200k Ns (SI 0.66) Vermaak Equine
Ultra Quick 1 c (13 Oct) Furina Parade Leader 200k Ns (SI 0.66) Pjs Business Trust
Gonnabealright 1 c (24 Aug) Miss Cuequita Numerous 160k Ns (SI 0.52) J T Freeman
18Pretty Woman 2 c (28 Oct) Pretty Woman Mogok 120k Ty (SI 0.98) Sitha Govender
Porto Di Golfo 1 c (24 Nov) Girolata Vettori 120k Ns (SI 0.39) A G Racing
Alpenhorn 1 c (7 Nov) Pay The Piper Saumarez 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Ian Sanne
Amell 1 c (2 Sep) Pimpinella Fort Wood 100k Bk1 (SI 0.31) Snaith Racing
Rosso Corsa 1 c (5 Aug) Ruby Necklace Sadler's Wells 80k Crs (SI 1.19) Paul Peter Racing
Persistance 2 c (9 Oct) Penny Serenade Silvano 75k Crtr (SI 0.67) Central Route Trading
Castle Of Glass 1 c (28 Aug) Fairyinthewoods Count Dubois 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Victory Ticket
Apache Pass 2 c (20 Nov) Teepee Ashaawes 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Hollywood Syndicate
18mirth 2 c (10 Nov) Mirth Encosta de Lago 22 Crtr (SI 0) Bridget
18Adorable 1 c (16 Nov) Adorable Captain Al Withdrawn
18annacloy Pearl 1 c (30 Aug) Annacloy Pearl Mull Of Kintyre Not Sold
18Arcetri Dawn 1 c (10 Aug) Arcetri Dawn Bel Esprit Not Sold
18Donna Viola 1 c (13 Sep) Donna Viola Al Mufti Not Sold
Arnhem Land 1 c (9 Sep) Adhira Silvano Withdrawn
Constitutional 1 c (28 Oct) Celigny Mr Greeley Not Sold
Larrabee 1 c (18 Nov) Sabrina Fair Windrush Not Sold
Peteca 1 c (10 Nov) Windspiel Captain Al Withdrawn
Rare Vintage 1 c (7 Oct) Vogue Award Model Man
Transact 1 c (8 Nov) Lady Kelpie Greys Inn Withdrawn
Tsar Peter 1 c (29 Aug) Ekaterina Dupont Not Sold
Free As The Wind 1 f (15 Oct) Pretty Waves Crimson Waves 1.1m Ns (SI 3.6) Summerhill Equestrian
Crepe Myrtle 1 f (28 Aug) Southern Pine Silvano 650k Ns (SI 2.13) Target Acquired
Maryah 1 f (28 Aug) Mary Hinge Second Empire 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) Suzette Viljoen
Maria Querol 1 f (17 Aug) Maria Theresa Dynasty 225k Bk1 (SI 0.69) G Bortz
Sun Bird 1 f (23 Aug) Sunbed Silvano 200k Ns (SI 0.66) Bird Leisure & Admin
18Creme Caramel 2 f (7 Nov) Creme Caramel Ideal World 180k Ty (SI 1.46) Kp Racing
18Vino Veritas 2 f (10 Aug) Vino Veritas Silvano 140k Ty (SI 1.14) Hill Racing (Pty) Ltd
Love Is Blind 1 f (17 Aug) Love Token Silvano 125k Bk1 (SI 0.38) Gavin Van Zyl
18chartreuse 1 f (11 Aug) Chartreuse Gimmethegreenlight 120k Ns (SI 0.39) Matchett Racing
Marigold Hotel 1 f (23 Aug) Indira Tiger Ridge 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Sean Tarry Racing
Supreme Quest 2 f (28 Sep) Supreme Lecture Lecture 90k Ty (SI 0.73) Corne Spies Racing
18Souk 1 f (17 Oct) Souk Greys Inn 80k Ns (SI 0.26) A Marcus Racing
Mandalay 1 f (14 Oct) Mocha Java National Assembly 70k Ns (SI 0.23) Mk Naidoo
18Starzee 2 f (21 Oct) Starzee Rakeen 45k Ty (SI 0.37) Chris Erasmus
Homely Girl 1 f (13 Oct) Sherry Silvano 40k Crs (SI 0.6) Normandy Stud
Benguela Cove 2 f (23 Oct) Vars Honour Var Not Sold
Eternal Life 1 f (23 Sep) Estelle Fort Wood Withdrawn
Fleeting 1 f (26 Oct) Frequent Flyer Silvano Withdrawn
Flying Vixen 2 f (17 Nov) Little Grey Wolf Indian Ridge Not Sold
Insatiable 1 f (8 Aug) Inaninstant Silvano Withdrawn
Lunar Ballade 1 f (10 Nov) Earn A Moon Indigo Magic Not Sold
Miss Jacqueline 1 f (11 Oct) Julila Silvano Not Sold
Mystic Cloud 1 f (17 Oct) Verdala Linamix
Passion Fantacy 1 f (12 Oct) Vasilisa National Emblem
Royal Oasis 1 f (17 Oct) Island Empress Eyeofthetiger Not Sold
Sea Eagle 1 f (3 Sep) Monpazier Silvano Not Sold
Sea Of Tranquility 1 f (2 Sep) Romantic Moon Silvano Not Sold
Song Of Liberty 1 f (26 Aug) Liberty Star Fort Wood Not Sold
The Entertainer 1 f (17 Nov) Sting Operation Captain Al Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Clap Of Thunder 1 c (21 Sep) Aneefa Encosta de Lago 2.2m Bk1 (SI 6.74) A Skiffington
18Surabi 1 c (19 Oct) Surabi Wolfhound 700k Ns (SI 2.29) Form Bloodstock
Kashime 1 c (1 Nov) Mkushi Gold Western Winter 600k Ns (SI 1.97) J T Freeman
Alcazar 1 c (1 Oct) Bambina Stripes Equal Stripes 500k Ns (SI 1.64) Form Bloodstock
William Robertson 2 c (8 Nov) Massachusetts Trippi 500k Ty (SI 4.07) Corne Spies Racing
18syringa 1 c (17 Sep) Syringa Argonaut 400k Ns (SI 1.31) Vermaak Equine
Darjeeling 1 c (3 Sep) Put The Kettle On Dynasty 350k Bk1 (SI 1.07) Allan Bloodlines
Whafeel 2 c (29 Oct) Wild Swan Fort Wood 320k Ty (SI 2.6) Willem Ackerman
18Mrs Everest 2 c (11 Oct) Mrs Everest Galileo 300k Ty (SI 2.44) Hollywood Syndicate
Chief Rafeef 1 c (17 Oct) Tycoon Chief More Than Ready 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Mark Sham
18Euphoria 1 c (20 Sep) Euphoria Kahal 225k Bk1 (SI 0.69) Gavin Zunamer
Aragosta 1 c (26 Sep) Miss Galidora Galileo 220k Ns (SI 0.72) Form Bloodstock
Blazing Light 2 c (10 Nov) Blush Fort Wood 200k Ty (SI 1.63) Dennis Drier
Napoleon 1 c (17 Sep) Jambalaya Silvano 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) Suzette Viljoen
Positive Attitude 2 c (28 Aug) Let's Try Again Spend A Buck 200k Ty (SI 1.63) Mgas Bloodstock
Ridge To Reef 1 c (6 Oct) Grassland Western Winter 200k Ns (SI 0.66) The Gavin Zurnamer Family Trust
Star Of The West 1 c (11 Oct) To Go West Greys Inn 200k Crs (SI 2.99) Vermaak Equine
Prince Petrova 2 c (21 Sep) Rightroyalrussian Windrush 170k Ty (SI 1.38) Lg Denysschen
Privilege 2 c (29 Sep) Tilbury Windrush 110k Crtr (SI 0.98) Cn
Con Calma 2 c (13 Aug) Julie Doolittle Horse Chestnut 105k Ty (SI 0.85) Blue Grass Trading
18Relentless Storm 2 c (22 Oct) Relentless Storm Hennessy 35k Crtr (SI 0.31) Ar
18Arabian Secret 1 c (23 Aug) Arabian Secret Al Mufti Withdrawn
18yoshie 1 c (20 Aug) Yoshie Antonius Pius
Dockofthebay 1 c (13 Oct) Sausalito Bay Trippi Withdrawn
Global Vision 1 c (15 Oct) Soaring Jet Jet Master Not Sold
National Dream 1 c (15 Nov) Zemfira Daylami
Pashtunwali 1 c (21 Nov) Home Safe Silvano Not Sold
Reef Bound 1 c (26 Aug) Boundary Captain Al Not Sold
Shimmer 1 c (24 Nov) Cool River Western Winter Withdrawn
Tracy's Princess 2 f (13 Oct) Tazyeen More Than Ready 800k Ty (SI 6.51) David Ferraris
Ajraas 2 f (10 Oct) Saraaba More Than Ready 600k Ty (SI 4.88) Form Bloodstock
Mayenne 1 f (9 Sep) la Normandie American Chance 350k Bk1 (SI 1.07) Vermaak Equine
Juliet Tango 2 f (6 Nov) Jet Trail Jet Master 210k Ty (SI 1.71) Fortune Racing
Mounia 1 f (7 Sep) Modern Muse Encosta de Lago 200k Crs (SI 2.99) Sands Racing Stables Cc
Empress Of Jade 1 f (8 Aug) Escondida Fort Wood 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) Vermaak Equine
18Persian Silk 2 f (29 Oct) Persian Silk Captain Al 140k Ty (SI 1.14) Moore Racing
Glam And Glitter 1 f (4 Sep) Big Sugar More Than Ready 140k Ns (SI 0.46) Almaza Racing
Shimmerlindt 1 f (30 Sep) Vancouver Gold Var 100k Crs (SI 1.49) Paul Peter Racing
Sweet The Sound 1 f (26 Aug) Amazing Grace Spectrum 80k Ns (SI 0.26) Form Bloodstock
18Hollywood Strip 1 f (24 Oct) Hollywood Strip Tiger Hill 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Matchett Racing
18katy's Lane 2 f (25 Oct) Katy's Lane Tamburlaine 20k Ty (SI 0.16) World Wide Bloodstock Za
18Borneo Bell 1 f (5 Aug) Borneo Bell Casey Tibbs Withdrawn
Beaded Gown 1 f (24 Oct) Fortuny Tiger Ridge Withdrawn
Demelza 1 f (3 Nov) My Claire Piccolo Not Sold
Franca 1 f (22 Oct) Afnaan Red Ransom Not Sold
Moonshiningthrough 1 f (6 Oct) Sunset Ridge Tiger Ridge Withdrawn
Special Variety 1 f (29 Sep) Variety Star Var

Rebel King

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
French Rebel 2 c (9 Nov) Bournonville Danehill Dancer 35k Ty (SI 0.28) Kp Racing
Moyo's Rebel 2 c (12 Oct) Moyo Sarge 20k Ty (SI 0.16) Fortune Racing

Red Ray

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Manvir 1 c (21 Sep) Europe To Africa Rock of Gibraltar 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Kirk Swanson
Red Aura 1 c (11 Sep) Czarina Windrush 70k Crs (SI 1.04) Paul Peter Racing
Chief Dakota 1 c (18 Sep) Seventh Heart Seventh Rock 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Vaughan Marshall
Swift Action 1 c (14 Oct) Wimbledon Queen Captain Al 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Romeshsingh D'hooboreea
Red Magician 2 c (19 Nov) Als The Word Captain Al 30k Ty (SI 0.24) Garth Puller Racing
Razor Red 1 c (7 Sep) Osca Captain Al Withdrawn
Red Mahogany 1 c (7 Oct) Three Trees Visionaire Not Sold
18Leeway 2 f (15 Sep) Leeway Captain Al 100k Ty (SI 0.81) Howells Racing
18Mars Star 2 f (2 Oct) Mars Star Giant's Causeway 70k Ty (SI 0.57) W Badenhorst
Vaguely Familiar 2 f (30 Sep) Merry Go Round Myboycharlie 50k Ty (SI 0.41) Form Bloodstock
Alula's Star 1 f (18 Nov) Solar Voyager Captain Al 40k Crs (SI 0.6) Bennie Van Der Merwe
Little Lotta 2 f (13 Oct) Supercilious Visionaire 25k Ty (SI 0.2) Fortune Racing
18Afloat 2 f (12 Nov) Afloat Captain Al 20k Ty (SI 0.16) Glen Kotzen
Fillipina 2 f (21 Aug) Raw Deal Tiger Ridge 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Dumpie Wright
Signal Risk 1 f (22 Aug) Evil Woman Go Deputy 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Andries Steyn
18Elisium 2 f (16 Nov) Elisium Proclamation Not Sold

Redoute's Promise

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
The Revenge 2 c (24 Sep) The Black Pearl National Emblem 50k Ty (SI 0.41) Kp Racing
Elizabeth Swann 2 f (10 Sep) She-Var Var 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Gavin Smith
18daintree Dancer 2 f (31 Aug) Daintree Dancer Mossman 25k Ty (SI 0.2) Marthinus Prinsloo
Giustina 2 f (24 Sep) Dancing Natasha Sail From Seattle 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Zietsman Oosthuizen


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Celestial City 1 c (31 Oct) Halfway To Heaven Jet Master 7m Ns (SI 22.93) Summerhill Equestrian
Scarlet Ibis 1 c (20 Aug) Dashing Scarlet Western Winter 4.5m Ns (SI 14.74) Form Bloodstock
I Want It All 1 c (19 Sep) Song Of Happiness Giant's Causeway 3m Bk1 (SI 9.19) Nicholas Jonsson
Pyromaniac 1 c (21 Aug) Pine Princess Captain Al 2.3m Ns (SI 7.53) Antony Beck
Redmayne 1 c (24 Sep) Hannah Gorgeous Fort Wood 1.8m Ns (SI 5.9) Form Bloodstock
Let's Twist Again 1 c (26 Aug) Liberty Dance Fort Wood 1.6m Ns (SI 5.24) Form Bloodstock
Steinbeck 1 c (30 Aug) Demanding Lady Dynasty 1.3m Ns (SI 4.26) J T Freeman
Lord Heathfield 2 c (3 Oct) Europa Point Rock of Gibraltar 1.1m Ty (SI 8.95) Form Bloodstock
18Pecan Nut 1 c (6 Sep) Pecan Nut Horse Chestnut 1m Ns (SI 3.28) J T Freeman
Poltergeist 1 c (7 Aug) Perija Shamardal 975k Bk1 (SI 2.99) A Skiffington
Fire Lord 1 c (10 Oct) Tinder Box Strike Smartly 900k Bk1 (SI 2.76) Form Bloodstock
Silver Falcon 1 c (18 Aug) Lanner Falcon Trippi 900k Bk1 (SI 2.76) Nicholas Jonsson
Quiz Master 1 c (14 Sep) Varsity Queen Var 625k Bk1 (SI 1.91) Adam Marcus
Tozzetti 1 c (15 Nov) Fidelity Captain Al 625k Ns (SI 2.05) S Viljoen
Creator 1 c (19 Oct) The Centenary Mastercraftsman 575k Ns (SI 1.88) W Chow
Platinum Sky 1 c (3 Sep) Princess Royal Captain Al 575k Ns (SI 1.88) Target Aquired
Prevailing Wind 1 c (19 Sep) Pampero Black Minnaloushe 525k Ns (SI 1.72) J T Freeman
Castletown 1 c (31 Oct) Queen's Bay Fort Wood 500k Ns (SI 1.64) Stuart Pettigrew
Safe Passage 1 c (5 Nov) My Sanctuary Antonius Pius 500k Ns (SI 1.64) J T Freeman
18Gettna 2 c (12 Oct) Gettna Var 425k Crtr (SI 3.77) Bass Racing (Pty) Ltd
Thousand Ships 1 c (29 Aug) Topless Towers Fort Wood 425k Ns (SI 1.39) Brett Crawford
Dawn Mission 2 c (18 Sep) Dawn Chorus Giant's Causeway 400k Crtr (SI 3.55) Js1
Power Surge 1 c (12 Nov) Princess Victoria Victory Moon 225k Ns (SI 0.74) Azzman Racing
18Classical 1 c (25 Oct) Classical Galileo Withdrawn
Once In A Lifetime 1 c (22 Aug) One Way Ticket Jet Master Withdrawn
Rivano 1 c (9 Sep) River Jetez Jet Master Withdrawn
Sensationalist 1 c (11 Aug) Sensational Secret Camden Park Not Sold
The Gathering 1 c (7 Aug) Zada Antonius Pius Withdrawn
Tirpitz 1 c (11 Aug) Exotic Galileo Withdrawn
Van Hunks 1 c (8 Sep) Our Table Mountain Fusaichi Pegasus Withdrawn
Venerable 1 c (4 Aug) Victoria Lavelle Captain Al Withdrawn
Nasiriyah 1 f (20 Aug) Queen Of Persia Fort Wood 750k Ns (SI 2.46) J T Freeman
18lady Al 1 f (2 Oct) Lady Al Captain Al 500k Ns (SI 1.64) Form Bloodstock
Arilena 2 f (22 Oct) Air Pocket Jet Master 430k Crtr (SI 3.82) Mp
Lidl Miss Sunshine 1 f (26 Aug) Little Fastnet Fastnet Rock 400k Bk1 (SI 1.23) Kirkwood Stables
Definitely Maybe 1 f (10 Oct) Maybe Yes Tiger Ridge 380k Ns (SI 1.24) Form Bloodstock
Sugar Tax 1 f (4 Nov) Sugar Almond Al Mufti 380k Ns (SI 1.24) J T Freeman
Chicago Lass 1 f (12 Sep) Lauderdale Elusive Fort 360k Ns (SI 1.18) M Pandaram
Tough Cookie 1 f (15 Aug) Party Peg Jay Peg 340k Ns (SI 1.11) Jane Thomas
Princess Philippa 1 f (6 Nov) Princess Stephanie Kahal 300k Ns (SI 0.98) I Van Schalkwyk
Kiawah 1 f (29 Sep) Khonza Kahal 150k Ns (SI 0.49) Azzman Racing
Mercurial Jet 1 f (21 Sep) Glittering Jet Jet Master 140k Ns (SI 0.46) Fortune Racing
Bella Siccome 1 f (1 Sep) Bella Spumante Dynasty 120k Ns (SI 0.39) Paul Lafferty Racing
Let It Shine 1 f (11 Nov) Lady In Love Fort Wood 110k Ns (SI 0.36) Paul Lafferty Racing
18gladly 1 f (8 Sep) Gladly Fastnet Rock Withdrawn
18Observation 1 f (12 Nov) Observation Pulpit Not Sold
18Thunder Dance 1 f (4 Oct) Thunder Dance Jet Master Not Sold
Look Homeward 1 f (28 Nov) Careful Hiker Spectrum Withdrawn
Quiet Rebellion 1 f (26 Oct) Casadesus High Chaparral Withdrawn
Salaasa 2 f (20 Nov) Aljawhara Elusive Quality Withdrawn
Yesterday 1 f (18 Sep) My Lady Bluff Indigo Magic Not Sold

Skitt Skizzle

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Flinders Range 2 c (7 Sep) Flyte Fahal 55k Ty (SI 0.45) St John Gray
Keen Spirit 2 f (3 Sep) Caesour's Spirit Caesour 40k Ty (SI 0.33) Kirk Swanson
Honour My Word 2 f (4 Sep) Super Pursuit Silvano 30k Ty (SI 0.24) Dennis Cason

Soft Falling Rain

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Edgartown 1 c (4 Sep) Mrs Brock Fort Wood 360k Crs (SI 5.37) Pound Bloodstock
The Big Orange 1 c (20 Oct) Sarasota Kahal 360k Ns (SI 1.18) Hollywood Syndicate
Yoho Mist 1 c (4 Sep) Emerald Lake Tiger Ridge 300k Crs (SI 4.48) Pound Bloodstock
African Rain 1 c (14 Oct) Valdivia Var 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Bass Racing
Waterberry Lane 1 c (26 Sep) Gain Ground Fort Wood 250k Crs (SI 3.73) Dean Kannemeyer Racing
Quick Response 1 c (11 Aug) Quebiango Sabiango 225k Bk1 (SI 0.69) Dennis Drier
Buck's Fizz 1 c (15 Nov) Espumanti Dansili 180k Ns (SI 0.59) Fortune Racing
Port Ahead 1 c (7 Aug) Captain's Delight Captain Al 180k Ns (SI 0.59) M Pandaram
Pluvio 1 c (26 Aug) Athina Fort Wood 140k Ns (SI 0.46) Eilappen Naicker
Bonanza 2 c (3 Nov) Lobola Fort Wood 130k Ty (SI 1.06) Andy Elton
Admiral Dooley 1 c (22 Sep) Magic Penny Silvano 120k Ns (SI 0.39) I Van Schalkwyk
Dronfield 1 c (28 Sep) Koffiefontein Diesis 100k Crs (SI 1.49) Paul Peter Racing
Soft Spot 2 c (22 Oct) Var Countess Var 90k Ty (SI 0.73) Pine Lodge Stud
Rain Flash 1 c (23 Oct) Liwa Trippi 70k Ns (SI 0.23) J Brier
Vino Verdi 1 c (2 Sep) Vinha Danehill Dancer 70k Crs (SI 1.04) Hollywood Syndicate
Zeus 2 c (11 Oct) Lil' Bacio Windrush 70k Ty (SI 0.57) Fabian Habib
Fiery Drizzle 1 c (13 Nov) Woodland Fire Lecture 40k Crs (SI 0.6) Andries Steyn
18allora 1 c (24 Aug) Allora Captain Al Not Sold
18zephira 1 c (31 Oct) Zephira Western Winter
Never Ending Rain 1 c (21 Oct) Distance Done Dynaformer Withdrawn
Porfiro 1 c (5 Oct) Varuna Var
Raining Again 1 c (2 Nov) Honey Bunch Right Approach Withdrawn
Aerial View 1 f (16 Oct) Sleek Jet Jet Master 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Pound Bloodstock
Last Clouds 1 f (5 Aug) Easy Game Var 200k Ns (SI 0.66) Azzman Racing
Opening Shower 1 f (19 Aug) Night And Day Rich Man's Gold 170k Crs (SI 2.54) P Somasundram
All Things Nice 1 f (3 Sep) Treaj Pots Rich Man's Gold 120k Ns (SI 0.39) Gavin Smith
Heavens Girl 1 f (17 Sep) Maggie Muggins Dynasty 110k Crs (SI 1.64) Paul Peter Racing
Hua Wuque 1 f (6 Nov) Eastern Lily Al Mufti 100k Ns (SI 0.33) T&L Racing
Saffron Rain 1 f (13 Nov) Pure Spice Black Minnaloushe 80k Ns (SI 0.26) Phillip Labuschagne
18Entrechat 1 f (15 Oct) Entrechat Captain Al 75k Bk1 (SI 0.23) Ralphs Racing
Regal Rain 2 f (16 Oct) Adella Toreador 50k Ty (SI 0.41) Tawny Syndicate
18Valhalla 2 f (26 Oct) Valhalla Fort Wood 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Dennis Cason
18Cosmogenic 1 f (28 Sep) Cosmogenic Miesque's Approval Withdrawn
18Grey Light 1 f (11 Aug) Grey Light Tapit Withdrawn
Confetti Shower 1 f (12 Oct) Cape Floral Fort Wood Not Sold
Lollapalooza 1 f (24 Sep) Withbatedbreath Fort Wood
Rain Of Peace 1 f (5 Sep) Fairyinthewind Count Dubois Not Sold
Thunder Shower 1 f (1 Oct) Cat's Game Black Minnaloushe Not Sold

The United States

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
18Kitti Cat 2 c (17 Aug) Kitti Cat Tiger Dance 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Ashley Scott
Turn Tide 2 f (8 Aug) Caviar Var 70k Ty (SI 0.57) Roy Magner
18Princess Lily 2 f (26 Aug) Princess Lily Spectrum 60k Crtr (SI 0.53) Ar
Alabama Anna 1 f (24 Aug) Love Unlimited Hawk Wing 60k Ns (SI 0.2) T&L Racing
18True Asset 2 f (10 Aug) True Asset Lundy's Liability 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Fanie Bronkhorst
Miss United States 2 f (19 Aug) Madrisa Grey Eminence 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Ac Rhodes
18One Love 2 f (11 Aug) One Love Manduro Not Sold

Time Thief

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Retallick 1 c (9 Sep) Pistol Dawn Tara's Halls 200k Ns (SI 0.66) Roy Magner
What A Thief 1 c (1 Oct) What A Gal Qui Danzig 175k Bk1 (SI 0.54) A Skiffington
TangoBravoFoxtrot 2 c (21 Oct) Pearly Moon Victory Moon 150k Crtr (SI 1.33) Central Route Trading
Country Clock 1 c (11 Oct) Country Girl Mon Sang 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Brett Crawford
Final Declaration 1 c (16 Sep) Walking Onthe Moon Giant's Causeway 80k Bk1 (SI 0.25) Vermaak Equine
Escape Plan 2 c (9 Sep) Frosted Flakes Spectrum 50k Crtr (SI 0.44) Tm
Clean Slate 1 c (27 Sep) More Than Words Latino Magic 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Gavin Zurnamer Family Trust
Edge Of Eternity 1 c (28 Aug) Royal Park Jet Master 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Ian Robertson
Gone In Time 1 c (11 Aug) Silver Wand Victory Moon 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Racing Equine Vets
Forgotten Time 2 c (11 Oct) Action Bleue Fasliyev Not Sold
Fugetthetime 1 c (12 Oct) Fugetta Get Square Withdrawn
Ixesha 1 c (7 Oct) Hamba Kahle Victory Moon Withdrawn
Silver Watch 1 c (30 Sep) Silverthorne Silvano Not Sold
Rose Of Mine 1 f (2 Aug) Fragrant Al Captain Al 350k Bk1 (SI 1.07) A Skiffington
Angel Of Time 1 f (31 Oct) Dove of Peace Lake Coniston 75k Bk1 (SI 0.23) Victory Ticket
Terra Time 1 f (30 Aug) Teresina Jet Master 75k Bk1 (SI 0.23) L Houdalakis
Bold Boundaries 1 f (1 Aug) Uptothemoon Victory Moon 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Victory Ticket
Prettier In Pink 2 f (15 Oct) Trish de Lago Encosta de Lago 50k Crtr (SI 0.44) Bb
Sweetest Goodbye 1 f (7 Sep) Wafiqah Toreador 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Patrick Kruyer
Time Is Ticking 2 f (26 Aug) Cream Of Chrome Captain Al 45k Crtr (SI 0.4) Wh
Jet For Time 1 f (25 Oct) Jet For Joy Jet Master 30k Crs (SI 0.45) Bass Racing
Constantia Haze 1 f (15 Oct) Constantia Mist Count Dubois 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Victory Ticket
Looking Hot 1 f (17 Aug) Lydia Lopokovo Var 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Victory Ticket
Time Silhouette 1 f (2 Nov) Nunavik Fort Wood 15k Crs (SI 0.22) Ballymacash Racing
Always On Time 2 f (15 Aug) Happy Heart Dynasty Not Sold
Cinderella Story 1 f (14 Oct) Emma de Lago Encosta de Lago Not Sold
Just Chestnut 2 f (22 Nov) Typhoon Season Muhtafal Not Sold
Rockingthetimeaway 1 f (29 Oct) Fantasy Rock Rock of Gibraltar Withdrawn
Silvery Blue 1 f (7 Sep) Figure Of Grey So You Think Not Sold
Surfer Babe 2 f (28 Oct) Ocean's Swell Jay Peg Not Sold
Time Request 2 f (30 Aug) Lunar Landing Victory Moon Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Snakebite Tequila 2 f (13 Sep) Kenmare House Victory Moon 35k Ty (SI 0.28) B Stidolph
Ladonna Mia 2 f (25 Sep) Plush Fort Wood 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Dumpie Wright
18silver Fantasy 1 f (11 Oct) Silver Fantasy Silvano Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Roaming Stone 1 c (16 Aug) Chestnuts n Pearls Horse Chestnut 800k Bk1 (SI 2.45) Northfields Bloodstock
Napoleons Art 1 c (24 Oct) Louvre Doowaley 750k Ns (SI 2.46) J T Freeman
18Princess Milo 1 c (3 Oct) Princess Milo Fort Wood 700k Bk1 (SI 2.14) John Freeman
Tuk Tuk 1 c (24 Oct) Bang Sue Fort Wood 700k Ns (SI 2.29) Summerhill Equestrian
Mccartney 1 c (6 Sep) Linda My Love Spectrum 625k Bk1 (SI 1.91) M Liley
Pacaya 1 c (10 Oct) Ash Cloud Black Minnaloushe 600k Bk1 (SI 1.84) John Freeman
Unique Power 1 c (27 Aug) Facinating Filly Antonius Pius 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) Eric Sands
Slings And Arrows 2 c (20 Nov) Happy Archer Dubawi 240k Crtr (SI 2.13) Js1
Picture Perfect 1 c (30 Aug) Mohave Princess Mount Nelson 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) Kenneth Truter
18All For U 1 c (14 Sep) All For U Jet Master Not Sold
18Captain's Emblem 1 c (24 Aug) Captain's Emblem Captain Al Not Sold
Basuto Coast 1 c (30 Nov) Sea Point Spectrum Withdrawn
All That Jazz 1 f (1 Aug) Val de Ra Var 1.65m Bk1 (SI 5.06) Ric Wylie
18Fearbuster 1 f (26 Sep) Fearbuster Fastnet Rock 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) John Freeman
Fly Better 1 f (10 Aug) Emirates Lady Unbridled's Song 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) Kenneth Truter
Trip to Ireland 2 f (19 Oct) Irish Myth Dynasty 90k Crtr (SI 0.8) Bleskopg
18Sea Glitter 1 f (11 Oct) Sea Glitter Holy Bull Not Sold
18Valor Red 1 f (18 Sep) Valor Red Western Winter
Directive 1 f (12 Aug) La Pucelle National Assembly Withdrawn

Twice Over

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Bowled Over 1 c (5 Sep) Bold Nimph Shamardal 775k Bk1 (SI 2.37) John Freeman
Hurley burley 1 c (29 Sep) Warnies Babe Jallad 725k Bk1 (SI 2.22) Bass Racing
Double Superlative 1 c (5 Sep) Come Fly With Me Jet Master 375k Bk1 (SI 1.15) Nicholas Jonsson
18Dance At Dawn 1 c (3 Oct) Dance At Dawn Trippi 350k Bk1 (SI 1.07) Peter And Ross Doyle Bloodstock Limited
Double Duet 1 c (23 Aug) Dancing Delight London News 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) John Freeman
18Snowbelle 1 c (8 Nov) Snowbelle Western Winter 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) Brett Crawford
Executive Decision 1 c (6 Sep) Rich Girl Rock of Gibraltar 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) Pound Bloodstock
Mactavish 2 c (28 Aug) Pirate Queen Captain Al 200k Ty (SI 1.63) T&L Racing
18Miss Madelein 2 c (10 Oct) Miss Madelein Not For Sale 160k Ty (SI 1.3) Nathan Kotzen
Shape Of My Heart 1 c (19 Aug) Captainofmysoul Captain Al 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) John Freeman
18Mysterio 2 c (11 Oct) Mysterio Trippi 130k Ty (SI 1.06) Glen Kotzen
Jaipur Jewel 1 c (14 Nov) Defining Beauty Jallad 120k Ns (SI 0.39) Form Bloodstock
Best Dressed 2 c (5 Sep) Copper Jet Lecture 110k Crtr (SI 0.98) Gp25
18Quality Alone 1 c (26 Aug) Quality Alone Elusive Quality 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Eilappen Naicker
Storm's Over 1 c (28 Sep) Stormy Coast Fort Wood 80k Ns (SI 0.26) Fabian Habib
One more time 2 c (23 Sep) Private Dancer Judpot 50k Ty (SI 0.41) Michael Roberts
Twice As Splendid 2 c (4 Oct) Georgeous Gaby Albert Hall 35k Ty (SI 0.28) Aegean Prince Racing
18Carmina 2 c (22 Sep) Carmina Var 25k Crtr (SI 0.22) Kr
Double The Odds 2 c (16 Nov) Monte Carlo Girl Trippi 20k Crtr (SI 0.18) Jf
18Blow Your Mind 1 c (16 Sep) Blow Your Mind National Emblem Not Sold
18Captain's Call 1 c (24 Oct) Captain's Call Captain Al Not Sold
18Internet Jet 1 c (10 Nov) Internet Jet Jet Master Withdrawn
18Sustain Space 2 c (18 Nov) Sustain Space Spectrum Not Sold
De Capo 1 c (24 Oct) Candy Singer Singspiel Withdrawn
Double Edge 1 c (1 Sep) Azure Sky Sail From Seattle Withdrawn
Hollow Point 2 c (4 Sep) Money Surger Surging River Withdrawn
Knock Twice 1 c (31 Aug) Splendid Sun Lundy's Liability Withdrawn
Over Two You 1 c (12 Sep) Sassy Sal High Chaparral Withdrawn
Rodriguez 1 c (27 Sep) Jane S Piddy Trippi Withdrawn
Smorgasbord 1 c (18 Sep) Variety Var
Team Gold 1 c (27 Nov) Kelly's Olympics Kingmambo Withdrawn
Twin Tips 1 c (11 Aug) Baqueira Western Winter Withdrawn
Zaviah 1 c (8 Aug) Zappy Choice Redoute's Choice Withdrawn
Twice As Wild 2 f (16 Aug) Wild Ash Dylan Thomas 310k Ty (SI 2.52) Fortune Racing
Critical Thinking 1 f (13 Sep) Intelligent First Samurai 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) Vermaak Equine
Zippy Over 1 f (10 Nov) Zippy Zitter Galileo 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) John Freeman
Twice The Trip 1 f (8 Sep) Tripinthemist Trippi 100k Bk1 (SI 0.31) Rainbow Beach Trading
Damon 1 f (11 Nov) Erin Fort Wood 90k Ns (SI 0.29) Paul Peter Racing
18Pure Power 1 f (26 Aug) Pure Power Captain Al 80k Bk1 (SI 0.25) Bass Racing
18Miracle Play 1 f (6 Sep) Miracle Play Singspiel 70k Ns (SI 0.23) Matchett Racing
Double Check 2 f (19 Nov) Cuir De Russie Strike Smartly 65k Ty (SI 0.53) Jt Freeman
Cruizin California 1 f (24 Aug) Ginger Hill Western Winter 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Victory Ticket
Twice To Heaven 2 f (23 Oct) Almost Heaven Trippi 45k Ty (SI 0.37) Sharon Kotzen Racing
Splitting Image 2 f (11 Sep) Velvets Reflection Tamburlaine 40k Crtr (SI 0.35) Twogun
Acid Test 2 f (30 Aug) Zaitoon Count Dubois 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Aegean Prince Racing
18Field Of Light 1 f (21 Sep) Field Of Light Dynasty Withdrawn
18Golden Spectrum 1 f (28 Nov) Golden Spectrum Spectrum Withdrawn
18Hi Lana 1 f (19 Oct) Hi Lana Go Deputy Not Sold
18Lady Captain 1 f (28 Aug) Lady Captain Captain Al Withdrawn
18Prive 1 f (17 Aug) Prive Saumarez Withdrawn
Amicus Curiae 1 f (26 Sep) Sue For Peace Western Winter Withdrawn
Autumn Spirit 1 f (28 Aug) Juvenescent Elusive Quality Withdrawn
Countess Cartier 1 f (22 Oct) Countess Grace Count Dubois Withdrawn
Name Of The Game 2 f (11 Oct) Nu Sadler's Wells Not Sold
No Time is Taken 1 f (16 Sep) Varsity Belle Var Not Sold
Repeat Performance 1 f (7 Sep) Skyblade Jet Master Not Sold
Second Act 2 f (20 Oct) Bay Of Desire Red Ransom Not Sold
Twice In Camden 1 f (10 Oct) Camden Borough Greys Inn Not Sold


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Intrepid 1 c (29 Aug) Pan Amm Jet Master 650k Bk1 (SI 1.99) G Bortz
18Americas Cup 1 c (10 Aug) Americas Cup Rich Man's Gold 420k Ns (SI 1.38) Srb Plattner Farming
Rowntree 1 c (5 Oct) Candy Vous Candy Stripes 320k Ns (SI 1.05) Dennis Drier
Vegas Gold 1 c (28 Aug) Bichette Western Winter 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) Hollywood Syndicate
Varistocracy 1 c (31 Aug) Royal Pleasure Visionaire 275k Bk1 (SI 0.84) Vermaak Equine
Kotinos 1 c (22 Aug) Laurel Cherry Ideal World 260k Ns (SI 0.85) Rws Chung
Rod The Mod 1 c (14 Sep) Reason To Believe Captain Al 260k Crs (SI 3.88) Andy Elton
Undercover Lover 2 c (27 Aug) Endearment Hussonet 260k Ty (SI 2.11) Hollywood Syndicate
Royal Monach 1 c (28 Sep) Firth Of Tay Rich Man's Gold 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) Pound Bloodstock
18Jettin' Along 2 c (30 Aug) Jettin' Along Jet Master 170k Ty (SI 1.38) Hollywood Syndicate
Balouchi 2 c (24 Jul) Persian Rug Ideal World 160k Ty (SI 1.3) Chamarel Racing Syndicate
Walker Bay 1 c (23 Sep) Mantaray Bay Sadler's Wells 150k Ns (SI 0.49) Central Route Trading
Boleto 2 c (22 Aug) E-Ticket Jet Master 110k Ty (SI 0.89) Azzman Racing
Fiduciary 1 c (24 Sep) Count the Cash Western Winter 105k Crs (SI 1.57) Vermaak Equine
Bard Of Avon 1 c (30 Aug) Shakespeare's Ros Dynasty 100k Bk1 (SI 0.31) Eric Sands
Irfaans Boy 1 c (18 Sep) Ladonna Kabool 90k Ns (SI 0.29) Fortune Racing
Sonnenstrahl 1 c (3 Nov) Sommermarchen Pentire Withdrawn
Walkonthewildside 1 c (15 Aug) Tiger's Touch Where's That Tiger Withdrawn
18Thekkady 1 f (22 Sep) Thekkady National Emblem 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) Mark Sham
Masters Mistress 1 f (15 Nov) Bavaria Western Winter 300k Ns (SI 0.98) Ck Racing
Demigod 1 f (25 Aug) Daffodil Day Silvano 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) Gavin Van Zyl
Angelsea 1 f (26 Jul) Badger Creek Ideal World 160k Ns (SI 0.52) Form Bloodstock
Blueberry Lane 1 f (12 Sep) Rockaberry Lane Western Winter 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) Lammerskraal Stud
Shiffrin 1 f (7 Sep) Ice Maiden Western Winter 140k Crs (SI 2.09) Hollywood Syndicate
Migration 1 f (29 Oct) Murmuration Miswaki 80k Ns (SI 0.26) David Nieuwenhuizen
18Butterfly Kisses 2 f (17 Oct) Butterfly Kisses Fastnet Rock 60k Crtr (SI 0.53) Equine
Quick Count 2 f (21 Sep) For The Count Dylan Thomas Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Supreme Warrior 2 c (20 Oct) Sovereign Flo Captain Al 600k Ty (SI 4.88) Azzman Racing
18Seeking Venus 1 c (15 Aug) Seeking Venus Trippi 425k Ns (SI 1.39) Brett Crwaford
18educated 1 c (30 Sep) Educated Black Minnaloushe 400k Ns (SI 1.31) J T Freeman
Fifty Fiver 1 c (23 Aug) Polar Trip Trippi 325k Bk1 (SI 1) Kenneth Truter
18Party Line 1 c (25 Aug) Party Line Al Mufti 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Dean Kannemeyer
Ambiorix 1 c (18 Aug) Darling Moon Indigo Magic 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Allan Bloodlines
Pomp And Power 1 c (29 Aug) Peru Candy Stripes 250k Ns (SI 0.82) Gmb Investments
Gallic Chief 1 c (26 Aug) Abound West Western Winter 225k Bk1 (SI 0.69) Basanthram Rajhununan
18Strike First 2 c (30 Oct) Strike First Captain Al 220k Ty (SI 1.79) Jt Freeman
Gaul Ruler 1 c (13 Sep) Break Of Dawn Miesque's Approval 220k Ns (SI 0.72) P Somasundram
Conquer The Enemy 2 c (9 Nov) Jennyanydots Black Minnaloushe 200k Ty (SI 1.63) Peter Muscutt
Ragnar Lothbrok 1 c (11 Oct) Dijla Elusive Quality 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) Michael Le Roux
18Khaleesi 2 c (23 Aug) Khaleesi Captain Al 130k Crtr (SI 1.15) Piet Boonzaaier
18Victory Dance 2 c (3 Nov) Victory Dance Victory Moon 130k Ty (SI 1.06) Kp Racing
Vegas Hi Rise 2 c (13 Sep) Caseys Cause Lonhro 130k Ty (SI 1.06) Kp Racing
Justforkix 1 c (26 Sep) Pistacchio Horse Chestnut 125k Bk1 (SI 0.38) Dr Ja Warner
Gaudis Masterpiece 2 c (2 Oct) Sagrada Danehill Dancer 120k Ty (SI 0.98) Jt Freeman
On The Road Again 2 c (13 Oct) She's Got Gears Cataloochee 115k Crtr (SI 1.02) Arunc
Serious Business 1 c (5 Oct) Mink Coat London News 110k Ns (SI 0.36) J T Freeman
18Caseys Moment 1 c (11 Nov) Caseys Moment Casey Tibbs Withdrawn
18Royal Mazari 2 c (25 Sep) Royal Mazari Black Minnaloushe Withdrawn
Aeneas 1 c (28 Oct) Alessia Judpot Withdrawn
Alesian Chief 2 c (12 Sep) All In The Mind Var Withdrawn
Chasing Cheetahs 1 c (20 Sep) Foam Party Trippi Withdrawn
Coffee Break 1 c (30 Aug) Bastille Belle Fort Wood Withdrawn
Honokalani 1 c (26 Sep) Heart Warming Miesque's Approval Withdrawn
Obelix At Sea 2 c (22 Oct) Saltwater Girl Modern Day Withdrawn
Paris Rix 1 c (29 Nov) Antigua National Emblem Withdrawn
Super Excited 1 c (29 Oct) Shiver My Timbers Cordoba Not Sold
Surjay 2 c (4 Dec) Something Of Value Badger Land Withdrawn
Val d'Orcia 1 c (26 Oct) Tuscan Lass Spectrum Withdrawn
18Strawberyshortcake 2 f (6 Sep) Strawberyshortcake Dynasty 600k Ty (SI 4.88) Form Bloodstock
Chopsticks 1 f (21 Sep) Musayha Not For Sale 600k Ns (SI 1.97) Reonet
Chansonette 1 f (18 Aug) Champery Querari 500k Bk1 (SI 1.53) Plattner Racing
Big Eyed Girl 1 f (9 Oct) Topless Exceed And Excel 375k Ns (SI 1.23) Vermaak Equine
18Narjis 1 f (19 Oct) Narjis Galileo 320k Ns (SI 1.05) Form Bloodstock
Pelargonium 1 f (28 Aug) Pacific Blue Bluebird 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) Al Khayl Breeders
Verolina 1 f (4 Oct) Geolina Kabool 200k Ns (SI 0.66) Form Bloodstock
Unconditional Love 1 f (8 Nov) Sherulestheskies Jet Master 180k Ns (SI 0.59) S Viljoen
18Salutation 1 f (25 Sep) Salutation Requiem 150k Bk1 (SI 0.46) Blue Rock Investments
Troubadix 1 f (30 Aug) Break The Ice Western Winter 150k Ns (SI 0.49) Garth Puller Racing
Area Fifty One 1 f (3 Oct) Secret Plan Right Approach 130k Ns (SI 0.43) J T Freeman
Vuitton 2 f (16 Aug) Paris Fashion Lateral 130k Ty (SI 1.06) Kp Racing
18Knysna Lagoon 1 f (23 Sep) Knysna Lagoon Kabool 100k Bk1 (SI 0.31) Snaith Racing
18scented East 2 f (2 Sep) Scented East West Man 60k Ty (SI 0.49) Glen Kotzen
18Winter's Eve 1 f (13 Oct) Winter's Eve Western Winter 60k Crs (SI 0.9) Paul Peter Racing
Phedra 1 f (4 Sep) Pritti Trippi 50k Bk1 (SI 0.15) Mike Stewart
18anne Trluove 2 f (6 Nov) Anne Trulove Black Minnaloushe 25k Ty (SI 0.2) Fabian Habib
Queen Of Shadows 2 f (24 Aug) Quippi Trippi 352 Crtr (SI 0) Curlytop
18Feel My Love 1 f (18 Aug) Feel My Love Fusaichi Pegasus Not Sold
18Prairy Star 1 f (7 Oct) Prairy Star National Emblem Not Sold
18Wayward 1 f (20 Aug) Wayward King's Apostle
Ancient Epic 1 f (17 Aug) The Black Rose Black Minnaloushe Not Sold
Twilight Hour 1 f (21 Aug) Tachina Spectrum Withdrawn


horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
Good Traveller 1 c (22 Aug) Skylar Lane Western Winter 200k Ns (SI 0.66) Glen Kotzen
Blizzard Ahead 1 c (31 Aug) Blizzard Belle Western Winter 100k Ns (SI 0.33) F Van Ghent
Norton Sound 1 c (21 Sep) Iditarod Western Winter 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Gavin Smith
Luke Skywalker 2 c (5 Nov) Broadway Lady Ordway 15k Ty (SI 0.12) Dennis Cason
Mister Marvel 1 c (14 Sep) Deputy Ryder Go Deputy Withdrawn
Title To Fame 1 c (5 Nov) Gathering Fame Jet Master Withdrawn
Red Boulevard 1 f (10 Sep) Strawberry Lane Jallad 600k Bk1 (SI 1.84) Ric Wylie
Nice Move 2 f (15 Nov) On Her Toes Western Winter 180k Ty (SI 1.46) Basfour 2072 (Pty) Ltd
Take Control 1 f (27 Sep) Control Freak Tamburlaine 170k Crs (SI 2.54) Fortune Racing
Persian Secret 1 f (25 Sep) Aquila Rapax Western Winter 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Clayton Vetter
Luna Light 1 f (4 Sep) Killie Campbell Western Winter 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Glen Kotzen
Silvette 2 f (16 Nov) Keyra Western Winter 40k Crtr (SI 0.35) Steve
18Comtesse Dubois 1 f (23 Aug) Comtesse Dubois Count Dubois Not Sold
Belle Tango 1 f (1 Aug) Berlinetta Jet Master Withdrawn
Future Thinker 1 f (2 Sep) Miss Einstein Var Not Sold
Gretha's Charm 1 f (25 Oct) Trojan Belle Centenary Withdrawn
Sister Light 2 f (17 Oct) Salita Western Winter Not Sold

What A Winter

horse age sex born dam damsire soldkey buyer
You Know Who 1 c (16 Aug) Lebombo Breeze Giant's Causeway 900k Bk1 (SI 2.76) Bjorn Nielsen
18Alascan Maiden 1 c (9 Sep) Alascan Maiden Captain Al 600k Bk1 (SI 1.84) Plattner Racing
VanderBilt 1 c (19 Sep) Cherry On The Cake Strike Smartly 600k Ns (SI 1.97) S Viljoen
Dragonfly 1 c (8 Sep) Dungeon Dragon Dynasty 525k Bk1 (SI 1.61) Bass Racing
18milvago 1 c (19 Nov) Milvago Encosta de Lago 480k Ns (SI 1.57) Global Cables
Mount Kailash 1 c (23 Sep) Aconcagua Jet Master 350k Ns (SI 1.15) Rainbow Beach Trading
Sun Dazed 1 c (10 Oct) Limerick Fort Wood 300k Bk1 (SI 0.92) Bass Racing
Winter Pearl 1 c (6 Oct) Arabian Pearl Al Mufti 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Form Bloodstock
Don Reposado 1 c (27 Sep) Serious Side Fard 240k Ns (SI 0.79) Bass Racing
Major Maxwell 1 c (8 Sep) Butterfly Girl Jet Master 240k Ns (SI 0.79) Target Acquired Cc
What A Destiny 1 c (9 Aug) Perfect Destiny Ideal World 240k Ns (SI 0.79) A G Racing
Cavalier King 1 c (31 Aug) Summer Solstice Captain Al 220k Ns (SI 0.72) Matchett Racing
Winter Raine 1 c (13 Sep) Lorraine Doowaley 200k Ns (SI 0.66) T&L Racing
18Theas Dance 2 c (27 Sep) Theas Dance Danzig 190k Ty (SI 1.55) Jt Freeman
Cherry Wreath 2 c (24 Oct) Cherry Ridge Tiger Ridge 180k Ty (SI 1.46) Paul Gadsby
Safari Blue 1 c (7 Nov) Ladysingstheblues National Emblem 180k Ns (SI 0.59) Gavin Smith
Smoke Em 2 c (26 Nov) Scorched Jet Master 180k Ty (SI 1.46) Matchett Racing
Lord Robert 2 c (21 Sep) Tales Of Silver Silvano 170k Ty (SI 1.38) V Racing
Steel Clad 1 c (13 Nov) Miss Big Mamma Jet Master 160k Ns (SI 0.52) Eligius Racing Stables
18katies Star 2 c (10 Dec) Katies Star Modern Day 140k Crtr (SI 1.24) Ae
Trivial Matter 1 c (4 Nov) White Lies Qui Danzig 130k Crs (SI 1.94) Sands Racing Stables
Winter With Jo 1 c (9 Nov) Jo Piper Goldkeeper 130k Ns (SI 0.43) J & M Vilela
Desert Express 1 c (30 Aug) Diamond Coast Cape Cross 100k Ns (SI 0.33) Willem Ackerman
Kiss Inthe Rain 1 c (27 Sep) Kiss And Ride Jallad 100k Bk1 (SI 0.31) W.J Engeelbrecht
What A Bolt 1 c (12 Oct) Sister Mary Lateral 100k Crs (SI 1.49) Bass Racing
Whatever Next 2 c (6 Aug) Petala Captain Al 100k Crtr (SI 0.89) Aw
Winter Air 1 c (25 Sep) Ring-Ding Badger Land 100k Bk1 (SI 0.31) Patrick Kruyer
Hidden Identity 2 c (10 Oct) Allbecauseofyou Galileo 90k Crtr (SI 0.8) Central Route Trading
18Fairy Tern 1 c (28 Oct) Fairy Tern Silvano 80k Ns (SI 0.26) Vermaak Equine
Oberlech 2 c (1 Nov) Red Dor Elliodor 80k Ty (SI 0.65) Crawford Rix Racing
Konindoda 1 c (7 Sep) Upon A Dream Dynasty 75k Crs (SI 1.12) Sands Racing Stables Cc
Starrywinternight 1 c (19 Sep) Elusive Stars Elusive Fort 50k Ns (SI 0.16) Leon Potgieter
18Countesskournikova 1 c (20 Oct) Countesskournikova Count Dubois Withdrawn
18Hidden Silver 2 c (7 Oct) Hidden Silver Silvano Withdrawn
18Lost In Love 1 c (21 Oct) Lost In Love Dark Angel Withdrawn
18Pale Moon Rising 1 c (19 Oct) Pale Moon Rising Kingmambo
Bethel 1 c (22 Aug) Wood Sprite Fort Wood
Blue Waters 1 c (23 Oct) Miss Magical Silvano Withdrawn
Danilo Danilovitch 1 c (30 Aug) The Merry Widow Captain Al Withdrawn
Edge Of Winter 1 c (19 Oct) Home Tree Fort Wood Not Sold
Lock Down 1 c (7 Oct) Social Climber Fort Wood Withdrawn
Mufasa 1 c (1 Nov) Magical Miss Al Mufti Withdrawn
Some Light 1 c (24 Sep) Miss Tweedy Tiger Ridge Withdrawn
Indigo Fields 1 f (15 Sep) Field Flower Silvano 700k Bk1 (SI 2.14) Rathmor Stud
Nazaaha 2 f (30 Oct) Zaakhira Redoute's Choice 410k Ty (SI 3.33) Willem Ackerman
Inverno Casa 1 f (6 Oct) Mission House Greys Inn 350k Bk1 (SI 1.07) Hemel N Aarde Stud
Ice Angel 1 f (6 Sep) Enchanting Cathy Var 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Ml Roberts
Jewel Of Doha 1 f (19 Aug) Marquesa Naranja Duke Of Marmalade 250k Bk1 (SI 0.77) Glen Kotzen
Winter's Glow 1 f (16 Aug) Light The Moon Victory Moon 250k Ns (SI 0.82) Boneast (Pty) Ltd
Winter Isle 1 f (10 Nov) Isla Bonita Joshua Dancer 240k Ns (SI 0.79) A G Racing
New Orleans 1 f (20 Oct) Hurricane Katrina Windrush 230k Ns (SI 0.75) Nathan Kotzen
Winter's Destiny 1 f (23 Sep) Pacific Destiny Qui Danzig 200k Bk1 (SI 0.61) Marachi Stud And Racing
Forged In Ice 2 f (24 Sep) Over The Anvil Fort Wood 190k Ty (SI 1.55) Jt Freeman
Maboneng 1 f (11 Oct) Ajiaal Cape Cross 180k Ns (SI 0.59) Fortune Racing
Hindi Princess 1 f (2 Oct) Keen Kali Joshua Dancer 175k Bk1 (SI 0.54) Corne Spies Racing
Indigo Winter 1 f (12 Oct) Go Indigo Indigo Magic 160k Ns (SI 0.52) St John Gray
Queen Of The North 1 f (14 Nov) Express Queen Jet Master 130k Ns (SI 0.43) Deon Anthony
Winter Scout 1 f (2 Oct) Guiding Light Judpot 125k Bk1 (SI 0.38) Rt Fitzgerald
Nippy Winter 2 f (10 Sep) Nossa Areion 120k Crtr (SI 1.06) Bass Racing (Pty) Ltd
Winter Journey 2 f (25 Nov) Fly Jet Fly Jet Master 120k Ty (SI 0.98) W Badenhorst